Word Of The Week – Excitement

This week seems to have gone by so incredibly quickly, how we got to the end of March so fast as well I do not know. There have been a few reasons for excitement this week, one even includes a nice night away for Chris and I. Here a few more reasons why it’s been an exciting week.

The kids were intrigued to see the play area on their playground cordoned off last week. There was much excitement when they found out that they were getting some new equipment to play on. They have eagerly been watching the progress all week. Finally, on Thursday they were allowed to play on the new climbing frame, monkey bars and exercise equipment. Our school has a brilliant selection of activities and equipment for the kids to play with at break times already but these shiny new things have caused a whole lot of excitement for both the infants and the juniors.

Chris and I are spending a night away this weekend, I won a hotel break with meals included a few weeks ago. We are not going far from home but I’m excited to be spending some time together just the two of us. It’s not something that happens often so I think it makes us even more grateful when it does. The kids are also excited about this as their granddad is staying over to look after them, they will drive him up the wall no doubt.

There’s also been mounting excitement as the countdown to our summer holiday continues. We bought a suitcase this week and the last of the clothes and footwear we needed so it’s all starting to feel very real now. It will be the kids first time ever on a plane and my first flight in over 10 years. I’m not a massive fan of flying but at this point the excitement outweighs the fear.

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16 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Excitement

  1. I love this! So much excitement indeed and for everybody. I hope you have a lovely night away with your husband and thanks for linking such a lovely word up to #wotw x

  2. I can remember how excited my hubby and I were when we got to spend a night away when our kids were little. Spending time with their granddad will be a treat for everyone involved! And the fact that you won the night away is even better! Have fun!

  3. Almost feel the bubbles of excitement in your words. Enjoy your weekend away. I’m sure their granddad will survive. I think we’ve only been away once without the children and it was such a treat. Must be exciting to see everything coming together for your family holiday. So lovely for the children to have new play equipment. I bet they are a popular addition. Have a lovely week. #wotw

  4. What a fab word!
    The playground equipment sounds like a lot of fun. It sounds like it’s going to be well used.
    Have a wonderful weekend. It will be nice for a break away and it sounds like the kids are looking forward to it too.

  5. I love a little mine break away, just me and my hubby. I think it reminds you that you are more than just mam and dad, so enjoy! Fantastic having a new playground! I bet they are really excited. I also hope the children enjoy your holiday, you’d have to drug me, to get me on a plane again lol x

  6. New playground equipment is always fun for kids! My niece and nephew enjoy our village playing field as it has different playground equipment to their local one.

    I’m excited for April with tips to see Kiefer Sutherland and Take That! 😀

  7. Lots of lovely things to be excited about. How lovely to have new playground equipment. I bet the children are having a wonderful time on it. Hope you and Chris enjoyed your night away at the weekend and the children enjoyed their sleepover. #WotW

  8. i remember when the boys school got new play areas and climbing frames it was the talk of the school for so long, the children were so excited. Its such a lovely thing to be excited about. Hope you and Chris had a lovely night away x

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