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This week has been all about the garden. I finally decided after years of moaning about the garden to bite the bullet and give it a mini makeover. I sent Chris out for the tools we needed and then went shopping myself for some lovely new plants.

I’m late to the gardening world, but since we moved here six years ago and inherited both a front and back garden I’ve had to learn.

A few months ago I got rid of the most hideous shrubs in the front garden. They couldn’t decide which direction to grow in and no matter how much I tried to tame them they grew out of control. There was also a conifer that the previous owner had tried to chop down, they left the stump and that grew back and out of control too. Last week we took a chainsaw and the tree is no more. The front of our house looks totally different and there’s so much more light in the front room now too.

Next we tackled the back garden, we replanted a raised bed at the back with Lavender and Dahlia plants. The kids chose some Celosia and a big strawberry plant to put in pots. I know it’s quite late in the season but I’m hoping they will all thrive for a few months at least.

I’m hoping to learn a bit more about what to plant and where so that next Spring I can get a head start. There’s just something so nice about having flowers and plants growing in the garden. I love the ritual of watering them each evening too.

There might have been a little unplanned addition to the garden in the form of a trampoline. I couldn’t possibly confirm this total impulse buy though.

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