What I’m Reading In August {2018}

This post is a little later than intended this month, I blame the summer holidays. The books I’m reading this month are mainly from the library. I have a ton of books on my shelf to be read but nothing was catching my fancy.

I’ve only chosen four books to read this month, with the kids being off school reading in peace is a challenge. I’m hoping come September there will be lots more time for reading and browsing for books in the charity shops.

Dear Mrs Bird by A J Pearce 

Set in London in 1941 this book tells the story of Emmeline Lake who dreams of becoming a lady war correspondent. Unfortunately after a misunderstanding over a job vacancy she finds herself tying letters for the formidable and renowned agony aunt of Women’s Friend magazine, Henrietta Bird.

Mrs Bird insists that letters containing unpleasantness must go in the bin. But as Emmy reads the desperate pleas from women she decides she herself must write back to them.

This book is described as irresistibly funny and enormously moving, I can’t wait to give it a read.

I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou

I recently listened to a podcast dramatisation of this book and it was fantastic. This is the first in a seven volume series about Maya Angelou’s life.

It’s been ages since I read anything non-fiction so I’m really looking forward to a change of pace.

See What I Have Done by Sarah Schmidt 

Long-listed for the Women’s Prize for Fiction 2018 this book is a reimagining of the unsolved American true case of the Lizzie Borden murders.

Just after 11am on August 4th 1892 the bodies of Andrew and Abby Borden are discovered. They were both murdered with an axe. Youngest daughter Lizzie finds them but is that because she’s responsible ?

There are others in the household with stories to tell including Lizzie’s older sister Emma, Irish maid Bridget and the girl’s uncle John. There’s also a boy who knows more than anyone realises.

All The Truth That’s In Me by Julie Berry

I’ve finished reading this brilliant book already and have it 5 stars on Good Reads. A chilling tale about a girl who disappears along with her best friend. Her friend is murdered and four years later she returns with her tongue cut out so she can’t tell the secrets that she knows.

It’s hard to describe what this book is exactly about, it’s a romance about unrequited young love, a mystery thriller and a story of courage all rolled into one. The fragmented way in which the story is told is unlike anything I’ve ever read before. It kept me guessing right until the end.

So that’s it for this month, you can see what I read in July here. What are you reading at the moment ? I would love to know, leave me a comment below.


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