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We have spent this week on holiday in Wales, it was lovely to have a break away from the norm. The kids had a great time, they ran rings around Chris and I. We have both come home needing another holiday with our energy levels depleted. Exhaustion aside we did have a lovely time together as a family.

Arriving on Monday we had a nice surprise when we found our caravan, they had upgraded us to a fancier model. It was so much bigger inside and was decorated lovely.

While we were unpacking Daisy found herself a little friend to play with, it turned out she lives in the same town as us. Daisy and her little friend were inseparable all week which was lovely to see.

Our week has been full of swimming, trips to the park and beach and of course lots of arcade visits. There’s just something about those 2 p arcade machines that make a seaside holiday complete.

As much as I love a holiday I’m a real home bird at heart. I love my home comforts and routine too much, I definitely wouldn’t make a good travel blogger !

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5 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Holiday

  1. Sounds like it was a lovely holiday and how lovely that Daisy’s new friend lives in your town too. It is nice to come home after a holiday to your own home comforts though. Hope that you can find time to rest over the weekend and recover your energy levels x #WotW

  2. Ah, it sounds like you all had a lovely break away. I’m very much the same as you in regards to home comforts – a change of scenery is nice every now and then – but I happily come home. Haha! #WotW

  3. Ha ha I feel like I am never home lately ! Its even got me in a tis, but I do love an adventure. But I totally get you Angela there is nothing like your own bed and home comforts. What a lovely surprise having an upgrade, I love it when that happens and the boys make friends on holiday x

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