Word Of The Week – Learning

My word for this week is learning, it has been the common theme for all of us in various different ways. A week where we have all learned something new is a great week in my opinion.


Jake’s class is learning all about flight this term and on Tuesday they visited the Runway Visitor Park in Manchester. Jake was absolutely buzzing when he came home, he told us all about seeing the Concorde and sitting in the cockpit of a plane. He was full of facts that he had learned on his visit and shared them with us all. I think we will definitely be visiting the park together this year as I would love to have a look at the Concorde, it’s free to visit too with the only charge being for parking.

Washing Machines

Having our fingers crossed wasn’t enough to fix the broken washing machine last week so we decided rather than a costly repair we would have to invest in a new one. After lots of research and learning about energy-efficient appliances, we finally chose a new one.


Daisy has been busy learning lots of songs for her upcoming trip to Young Voices, every night at bedtime we can hear her singing away. She is very excited to be going but I must admit I’m worried about how long a day it will be for her, she won’t be home until 11 pm!

In Other News

There was much excitement this week when Jake got his first wobbly tooth, it fell out the same day and was promptly put under his pillow. The Tooth Fairy delivered a nice shiny £2 coin and Jake has big plans about what he will spend it on.

I’ve had a fairly mixed week as I had a colitis flare up and spent one of the days in bed getting up only to do the school runs. I’ve been so much better since starting on medication for the condition but I still have the odd really bad day when there’s nothing for it other than to sleep and rest. For someone who loves to be busy and productive, it’s hard to accept some days my body needs complete rest but I’m getting better at it.



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8 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Learning

  1. I’m sorry you’ve not been well, but it sounds like a good week otherwise. I know it’s always a pain forking out for new appliances but it’s also exciting to get one. x

  2. Good for Jake and his plans from his tooth fairy cash! My grandson has had a wobbly tooth for weeks now. He can’t be persuaded to give it a little tug, even with the promise of a visit from the tooth fairy. It is ready to come out!

  3. Hurray for the tooth fairy!! And sometimes you have to give in and get a new machine. We had to fork out for a new hoover, having put up with all sorts of crap from our old one! #WofW

  4. It sounds like Jake had a fun time on his trip and how exicitng for him to lose his first tooth.
    I bet you are glad to be getting a new washing machine. It’s a shame you couldn’t get the old one fixed.
    I hope Daisy has a fab time at Young Voices and she isn’t too tired. x

  5. I am like you, hate to be inactive, but had to give into for a few months when I was getting no sleep and in constant pain. Feel better soon.
    Dinky was proudly showing me her first wobbly tooth tonight.
    Glad he enjoyed the school trip and came home buzzing

  6. How exciting for Jake to have his first visit from the tooth fairy and to get to sit in a Concorde. Sounds like Daisy is really enjoying learning all her songs and hope that she enjoys taking part in Young Voices too and copes with the long day. Sorry to hear about your colitis flare-up – hope you are feeling better now. #WotW

  7. Jake’s trip sounds awesome. I hope it continues to inspire him. I can just imagine how excited he must be about his tooth and what to spend his £2 on. Oh to be little! We are battling the washing machine repairs at the moment. Hoping we don’t have to buy a new one. I bet Daisy is excited. A long day, but at least it is a one off. Hope you are feeling better now. #wotw

  8. Oh no what a nightmare, hope you are feeling better now. I know a washing machine is a costly thing but the peace of mind will be worth it, Joe would love to go inside concord he is doing flight sim at air cadets and loves it. And I bet you cant wait till young voices. x

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