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I took a little break from taking part in Word Of The Week towards the end of last year, but I always knew I would be back. I’ve really missed sharing my week, summing it up into one word and reading about everyone else’s week too. This week has been all about getting organised and starting the new year with a good plan in place.

After the chaos of a busy Christmas I wondered whether I would ever feel organised again. I’ve mentioned lots of times before but I thrive on organisation and routine, I like a tidy home which is sometimes a battle with two messy kids. I find that the more organised I am the better I feel mentally too.

When I’m feeling overwhelmed I make myself lots of lists, really detailed ones and set about ticking one thing off at a time. I spent two days being totally ruthless, decluttering each room within an inch of its life. It was exhausting but everything now has a place and the house looks so much better. I just need to work on bringing less ‘stuff’ into the house now.

As well as organising the house I’ve been filling in my new planners for the year ahead. I’m determined to be more organised this year, writing things down always seems to motivate me and help keep me on track. We have some big financial goals this year so I’ve been trying to plan how to achieve those too. I’ve brought back my monthly Family, Frugal & Home Goals post to keep me accountable too.

I know organisation isn’t for everyone but I find it really helps me in all areas of my life and the a fresh new year seems like a great time to start over again.

I’m linking up with Anne from Raisie Bay for Word Of The Week.

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12 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Organised

  1. oh well done on the decluttering, I’ve started but nothing near as ruthless as it sounds you have been. I’m definitely feeling more organised this year though and lists definitely help.

  2. Oh I so need to de-clutter and get organised. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get things done when the kids go back to school. Well done it sounds like you are getting everything into place, or an organised year ahead. I do love a good plan and lots of lists. Thanks for returning to #Wotw x

  3. I did some decluttering towards the end of last year but I need to pick it up again when the kids go back to school. Only this time I’ll do a little every day so it’s not so overwhelming! #wotw

  4. Wonderful to see you back sharing your Word of the Week.
    Next week is the week that I get orgnaised, when the kids go back to school.
    Making lists really help me too. It sounds like you have been so busy planning x

  5. Like the idea of your really detailed lists. Must be satisfying to tick lots off it. I do like this week to get my thoughts and ideas together. List making is definitely key. Hope you reach your goals. They sound exciting! #wotw

  6. I bet you felt amazing though after your mammoth decluttering session. I too thrive on being organised, and I have just had a mad hour of sorting stuff and doing family admin so I can start the week afresh. Though the kids are not back until Tuesday so one more day of un-organisation !! xx

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