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Unlike the rest of the England or so it seems, we are only just starting our summer holidays. The plus side to this is that I’ve had plenty of time to make plans for the summer. The weekends are pretty much booked up but I wanted some plans in place for the week days too. Having a plan means I don’t have to worry too much about thinking how to entertain the kids and also keep myself sane.

As well as planning things for the kids to do I’ve had to fit in some time to work. I can’t afford to take the whole summer off but I can scale right back and work evenings instead.

I’ve been searching local websites for free or cheap events being held over the summer. There’s plenty to keep us occupied like crafts and Lego club at the library and ‘get active’ days at the local community centre. These type of things are all drop in sessions so we can pick and choose what we go to.

I thought it only fair that I asked the kids what they would like to do over the summer.  They both wanted to go on a bus and a train so I’ve planned a trip to our local town on the bus and a train journey to Liverpool. There are loads of things going in our local town for free over the summer.  There are activities at the museum, crafts at the market and a huge play area in the centre of town.

I’ve kept our weekend plans a surprise for the kids. We are starting off with a cruise on the river Mersey and a visit to Spaceport and the U-Boat museum. There might even be a little surprise weekend away in August, fingers crossed that all goes to plan.

I’m looking forward to a fun summer with just the right mix of adventure, play and rest. I can’t wait to spend time with Daisy and Jake, I just wish Chris could take the summer off work too.

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8 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Plans

  1. So many lovely plans. I asked my two for their ideas, too, and have fit them in amongst other ideas I’ve had. Oh yes, wouldn’t it be great for our husbands to have the whole summer off, too?! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  2. Oh I love a good plan! There’s probably loads on at the waterfront in Liverpool over the summer. I wonder if Calderstones park will have the beach back again this year too, I bet the kids would love that! #WotW

  3. It’s lovely having plans and yours sound like fun. Our Summer is usually taken up with birthday celebrations, but we also have a holiday to look forward to this year. Have a great summer x

  4. I love the library so many great stuff for people. It is good.to have a plan even if it is just scooting around the block X #wotw

  5. Sounds like you will be busy, we have a few things booked in so far and plan to go into Manchester to see the Bee’s, I love art installations in cities, and asking the kids always helps to keep them involved doesn’t it? Lets hope the weather picks up again though x

  6. I love making plans for the summer and it does make it easier to have a few plans in place to help fill the holidays. Drop in sessions are always good as it makes it easier to be flexible with plans. Love how you’re keeping the weekend plans a surprise too. #WotW

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