A Summer Holiday With Moj Moj {Review}

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The popularity of blind bag and collectible toys is still going strong. Daisy and Jake are obsessed with them and the cuter they are the better. We were recently sent some Moj Moj along with some other goodies for our summer holiday to Jersey.

Moj Moj are soft and squishy, rare and ultra-rare collectible characters. There are over 95 cute characters to collect and trade. The perfect size for a travel treat, they are small enough to pop into a suitcase or hand luggage to keep the kids entertained on those long journeys. moj moj activity pack

close up of 3 moj moj packs in clear plastic carrier

We recently travelled to Jersey on the ferry, keeping the kids occupied on the journey took some planning. Being prepared, I packed the toys in my hand luggage to get out when boredom struck.

The kids soon got fed up of sitting still and watching the waves. After lunch I surprised them with the Moj Moj packs.

girl holding moj moj in clear carry case

close up of three moj moj packs on a table

The fun colourful packs contain two characters and a collectors guide. The kids split the six characters between themselves. I always feel that the packs that contains a couple of characters are much better value overall.

children playing with newly opened moj moj surprise toys

The kids loved how squishy and stretchy the characters were, they stacked them on each other too. Daisy found a rare which she was delighted with. They also got a duplicate so they could each have the same character.

close up of three stacked moj moj on a table

Playing with the Moj Moj kept them busy for ages. Once they finished they popped them away inside their backpacks to play with later. I love how compact collectible toys like these are, they are the perfect sized toys to take on holiday or long car journeys.

children on a ferry playing with moj moj surprise toys

girl squishing moj moj surprise toy

Disclosure: We were sent the Moj Moj products free for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. 

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