Baby Annabell Brother Doll {Review}

A special package arrived recently to help us celebrate the birth of the royal baby. Inside we found a Baby Annabell Brother doll and some goodies to help us celebrate. Daisy was over the moon with the arrival of her own little prince.

The Baby Annabell Brother doll by Zapf Creation is just like a real baby with realistic sounds and movements. He can cry, babble, laugh, gurgles, sucks on his dummy and much more. He comes dressed in a beautiful soft baby blue sleepsuit and hat which is removable. The doll also comes with accessories including a bottle, dummy, nappy and pendant.

The Baby Annabell Brother doll is available at The Entertainer and other good toy retailers with a retail price of £54.99.

Daisy was really excited to unbox the brother doll, she loved how soft he felt and she gave him lots of cuddles even before we got the batteries in. The doll requires 3 AA batteries which are not included.

Once the batteries were in place the brother doll started gurgling away happily, there is an on/off button which makes me happy as a parent.

Daisy and Jake both enjoyed learning how to soothe the doll and how to make him laugh. The kids loved the realistic mouth movement when he was sucking on the dummy and bottle.

I really liked how the doll gently snores when it’s asleep like a real baby does.

The doll can be fed with water and have the function to wee, we didn’t test this out as we do not have the Baby Annabell potty. I’m pretty sure it will be on Daisy’s wish list for her birthday.

Daisy was delighted to discover that baby brother did a cute little burp when she patted his back after feeding.

Jake was so gentle with the doll, he loved stroking the cheeks to make him giggle. He was also fascinated by the eyes opening and closing.

To celebrate the new arrival the kids decorated a crown with sparkly jewels and enjoyed royal blue sweeties. The crown was fit for the little prince once they had finsished.

Overall both kids enjoyed playing with the Baby Annabell Brother doll. Daisy reviewed the Baby Annabell doll last year so he will have some company in her bedroom.

Disclosure: We were sent Baby Annabell Brother free for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.


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