Baby Secrets Activity Packs {Review}

A few weeks ago Daisy reviewed the new collectible toys BABY Secrets and she loved them. She was so excited last week to be sent the new BABY Secrets Activity Packs to review too.

BABY Secrets

The BABY Secrets activity packs come in four different varieties

  • Pram Pack
  • Bassinet Pack
  • High Chair Pack
  • Rocking Horse Pack

Each pack comes complete with 2 exclusive babies and 1 surprise baby. The pack also contains a bath tub, 3 birth certificates, a collectors guide and either a high chair, rocking horse, bassinet or pram.

BABY Secrets activity packs are available from The Entertainer and other good toy retailers with an RRP of £12.99.

To find out more visit the BABY Secrets HQ website.

Daisy was sent the high chair and rocking horse packs to review. She was really excited to open them and discover which surprise baby she would find inside the bath tub.

I love the element of surprise with these toys. Not only is it exciting to find out which baby you have but also to find out the gender by putting it in the bath tub of water.

Another thing I really like about BABY Secrets is that the dolls and accessories are really good quality. There’s no tiny little bits that you have to avoid vacuuming up which is a huge bonus. The packs are really easy for kids to open too,adding to the anticipation of what is hiding inside.

Daisy was delighted with the babies she found in her packs. There’s a chance to find a limited edition sparkle baby in the activity packs too.

Playing with the babies in the bath tub and revealing the gender is Daisy’s favourite thing to do. She loves toys that involve her being able to play and splash in water. Her collection of dolls are now proudly sitting on her bedroom shelf in their cute little bath tubs.

Disclosure: We were sent the BABY Secrets free for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.


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