BABY Secrets {Review}

I’ve spoken before about Daisy’s love of collectible toys, she has boxes upon boxes of them. She is always excited when a new range is released, so she was absolutely delighted when a parcel of the new BABY secrets collectibles arrived for her to review.

BABY Secrets are perfect pocket-money toys, featuring 50 exciting characters with big personalities. Each baby comes with a birth certificate and a bathtub. You can find out if your baby is a boy or a girl by filling the bath tub with water and dipping it in to reveal what colour their nappy changes to. They are the cutest  and cheekiest babies in town.

The BABY Secrets single packs are available from Amazon and other good toy retailers with an RRP of £2.99.

To find out more visit the BABY Secrets HQ website.

Daisy couldn’t wait to discover which baby characters she would find inside. Compared to other collectible toys I was quite impressed at how easy these ones are to open.

I think the size and quality is really good. I really like that Daisy can choose names for her babies by filling in the birth certificate too.

Daisy was really excited when she checked the list and found out that she had got two ultra rare characters.

It was soon time to fill the bath tub with cold water for the big reveal. Daisy watched eagerly as the white nappies changed to pink or blue. She found this part really exciting, almost as much as discovering the characters themselves.

BABY Secrets collectible toys

She spent some time afterwards playing with the babies, dipping them in and out of the bath and making up little stories. There were some doubles in the packs we were sent which she happily shared with Jake.

I can definitely see Daisy adding more BABY Secrets to her collection.

Disclosure: We were sent the BABY Secrets free for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.



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  1. My five year old daughter has seen the adverts and asked for these, I thought they were going to be more expensive, at £2.99 il definitely have to get her some, like Daisy she likes collecting collections, she loves shopkins, lol surprise dolls, twozies and more xxx

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