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Last week Daisy was delighted to return home from school to a parcel. We had been sent a Brightings doll by Spin Master Toys to review. Brightlings are soft bodied interactive dolls that can say over 100 phrases, they also create music and record anything you say and repeat it back to you.

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When the Brightlings doll is in interactive mode their faces light up and become animated. Daisy loved this feature,



In play mode the Brightling will talk to you and ask you questions. You can also move it around and press it’s tummy to activate new phrases.

Music mode is my personal favourite. Brightlings create music in six different styles I love the yodel style the best although I can’t help but giggle when it says ‘Jazz Baby’.


Daisy’s favourite mode is record, she loves pressing the it’s ear to say silly things to it then listen to them back. She can also change the voice by moving it from side to side. She never tires of the record mode making up her own silly words and having them played back to her in crazy voices really does make her happy.


Daisy has really enjoyed playing with and getting to know her Brightling. It’s already become a firm favourite.

Brightlings come in 3 different colours, we were sent the Teal one but you can also get Purple and Pink. They cost around £29.99 from most toy retailers.

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