Colourful Creations With eZee Beads 3D Mini Scenes {Review}

I mentioned recently that we are working on a fun campaign with John Adams to promote the new Facebook page JA Craft Club. They kindly sent us some of their fantastic creative products. This week we have been reviewing eZee Beads 3D Mini Scenes.

eZee Beads are beads that magically stick together with water meaning that you can create amazing colourful designs with them. With the eZee Beads 3D Mini Scenes set you can make 5 free-standing mini designs. Choose from an owl, duck and ducklings, a frog on a lily pad, a snail and a cute rabbit.

The set retails at £14.99 and is available at Amazon and other good toy retailers. For more information check out the eZee Beads page on the John Adams website.

Daisy was really excited to get creating with the set. We haven’t tried anything from the eZee beads range before but they are on Daisy’s Christmas list this year.

The set comes with everything you need to create 5 different designs, here’s what’s included:

  • Colourful eZee Beads
  • Bead storage tray
  • Water sprayer 
  • Bead tool
  • Design cards
  • Plastic pegs (to make flower stalks with)

Daisy decided she wanted to make the cute bunny first. After we had emptied the beads we needed for the design into the tray she got to work. She did find the beads a little fiddly to put on the pegs, she couldn’t quite follow the designs. I was more than happy to help her out and once I explained how to follow the design she was away.

Once her design was complete it was time to spray it with water. I’m sure Daisy was more excited about this part as she kept asking throughout the process if it was time for the water.

Quick note, you need to remove the design card before spraying. I didn’t read the instructions properly so we ended up with a bit of a soggy card. Once sprayed we set the board to one side so the design could dry. The recommended drying time is 30 minutes but our design took much longer. That could be down to us spraying it too much perhaps.

I did have to remove the design once dry, it was far too tricky for Daisy to do. I did struggle a little with the tool, again it’s my first time so it could be down to my technique.

We worked on the frog and lily pad next. While we were waiting for that to dry we worked on the stalks for the flowers. This part was quite tricky as the plastic pegs in our set were different from the ones shown on the box and instruction leaflet. I improvised and I think they turned out well.

Daisy had lots of fun with this set and she loved the finished products. They are now proudly displayed on her book shelf.

I did like the set but I definitely don’t think Daisy could have completed without my help. It was a fun activity for us to sit down and do together.

Disclosure: We were sent the eZee Beads 3D Mini Scenes Set free for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. This post contains an affiliate link. 

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