5 Low Cost Activities To Do As A Family {The Life Of Spicers-Guest Post}

I’m really happy to host a fantastic money-saving family post by my good blogging buddy Angela from The Life Of Spicers. Angela’s blog is jam-packed with brilliant family, travel and lifestyle posts. She is also mad about Disney and has lots of magical posts about her travels there and some great tips for planning and affording the trip of a lifetime. 

Explore Your Local Area

We are lucky to live near plenty of forests and parks. There is always somewhere new to discover almost on your doorstep. I find a good way of discovering somewhere new is to take to search engines or social media. Check out where your friends have been visiting, you never know you may find a hidden gem. Our favourite low-cost day out is Moors Valley Country Park. The total cost of the day is the parking, so when we take a picnic everything else is free for us. There are woodland trails, the park and plenty of open space to burn off energy.

Visit The Beach

We live about thirty minutes away from the coast, so can often be found exploring a beach other. We have plenty of favourites in Dorset that we like to visit often. A lot of them are completely free days out as we have worked out where we can park for free on side streets for example, avoiding the high parking charges that can apply.

Kids Club Cinema

It’s not always amazing weather to be able to spend time outdoors. On a weekend morning, our Cinema often advertises kids club films for a fraction of the cost. The films aren’t new, but that doesn’t matter to the kids. It’s a great way to experience the cinema without breaking the bank.

National Trust

We became members of the National Trust just over a year ago now, and it has saved us so much money. We pay for it via Direct Debit so I never have to think about paying for it, as it’s now in the household budget. We have our favourites such as Kingston Lacy and Corfe Castle, but there are so many places to visit. During our time as members we have found that there is always something on for the kids to entertain them, so despite visiting the same property more than half a dozen time we’re always seeing something new.


It doesn’t matter where you live, there is always a museum close to you that is available for free or very low-cost. Try looking in the smaller towns near you if none of the big cities have anything on offer. A day at the museum is always fun and a little bit educational, yet the kids only see the fun.


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