Minnie Mouse Fashion Doll Beach Beautiful {Review}

Disclosure: We were sent the Minnie Mouse Fashion Doll free for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links see our disclosure policyΒ for more information.

Daisy was very excited when the delivery man brought her a parcel this week, she was even more excited when she found the Minnie Mouse Fashion Doll Beach Beautiful from IMC Toys inside that she had been sent to review.


There are three Minnie figures to collect, Beach Beautiful, Fashion Fun or Like A Princess and each one comes three different outfits and lots of fun accessories.



Daisy got the Beach Beautiful Minnie and she had lots of fun changing her outfits and styling her with the accessories to get her ready for a trip to the beach, of course, we had to make Minnie her own private beach to enjoy. Daisy has also taken Minnie in the shower wearing her snorkel and flippers.




I really like how chunky and flexible the doll, outfits, and accessories are, Daisy was easily able to change the outfits and attach the accessories by herself. I also think her outfits are adorable I love the stripy swimsuit that she’s wearing in the photo below.





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164 thoughts on “Minnie Mouse Fashion Doll Beach Beautiful {Review}

  1. My daughter would absolutely love this!! And it’s her birthday next month!!
    I know she would love to design different princess outfits for Minnie. I think her first choice would definitely be a Mermaid costume to look like Ariel!

  2. I’d love to invent a rockstar outfit with a silver glitter dress, platform boots and big sunglasses!

  3. My eldest would probably go for a sparkly ballerina kind of dress/skirt and my youngest would say a superhero outfit!

  4. I’d invent a construction outfit! Minnie could totally do construction πŸ™‚


  5. I would have a karate gi, my Daughter loves karate but you can buy very little for girls that has a karate theme

  6. My 7 year old daughter says a sweets dress, a cupcake wrapper for the skirt, candyfloss hat, sweet wrapper hair bobble, chocolate button shoes. A peppermint stick patterned coat.

  7. My daughter loves minnie mouse it’s the theme in her bedroom. But she love teletubbies 2 so a teletubbie dress or skirt

  8. I would invent a safety outfit for going on her bike or scooter (2 of my daughter’s favourites) A helmet, elbow pads and knee pads plus some sporty clothing.

  9. I’d invent a cute clown outfit with different colour wigs and crazy, colourful, reversible outfits.

  10. A nurse/doctor/dentist outfit with the accessories, so that children who are due to go into hospital (or for an appointment) aren’t scared and they could be shown what was happening (or going to happen) with the doll. πŸ™‚

  11. Minnie Mouse Fashion Doll is so cute! I would choose a rainy day outfit with raincoat, wellies & umbrella and snowday outfit with snowsuit, boots and ski googles/bobble hat xxxx

  12. i would design a dress with a unicorn on to match my granddaughters who would absolutly love this

  13. It would have to be firefighters outfit. She could have a fire engine to go with it then. My daughter would love it.

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