Space Dash Game {Review}

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Space Dash is a fast-paced card game from Ginger Fox, the aim of the game is to clear your deck of cards by building launch sequences. You will need reactions faster than the speed of light as your opponents will be scrambling to do the same. Can you rocket your way to glory and be the first player to shout “Touch down”?

Space Dash is recommended for players aged 8+ and is suitable for 3-6 players.

Inside the box you will find:

  • 120 cards (6 decks of 20 cards, each containing 4 sets of 5-card launch sequences
  • Instructions

Space Dash Game Review

Each player selects a deck of 20 cards and shuffles them thoroughly, then everyone places their cards into 5 decks keeping all but the top cards in each pile face down. Players must then place any face-up 5 cards at the centre of the table with each one creating a new pile.

It’s a frantic dash to place cards from the same sequence set in descending order, any player can do this and cards can also be moved from one pile to another.

The player that places the 1 card to complete a launch sequence shouts “Space Dash!” and claims that pile. Play continues until someone clears their entire deck and shouts “Touch down!”.

I must admit we did need to read the rules a few times to fully understand what we had to do to set the decks up and play the actual game. With a few trial runs of the game, we were soon on our way racing against each other to clear our decks. I do feel that this game is definitely more suitable for older kids to play as it’s really fast-paced and the rules could be difficult for younger players to follow.

I really liked the quality of the playing cards, they are nice and thick and have a slight 3D effect which makes them look even more out of this world. I think Space Dash is a great game for playing when you have friends round or for when you fancy a quick game that tests your reaction skills.

What We Loved About Space Dash 

  • How fast-paced and competitive the game is
  • The quality and design of the playing cards
  • How quick the game is to play

Where You Can Buy Space Dash

Space Dash is available to buy from:


John Lewis



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