Super Slow Sloths Board Game {Review}

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Super Slow Sloths is the fun new game full of puns and sabotage from Ginger Fox. In this game the slowest sloth win, you will need to snooze, saunter and sabotage your opponents to be the last sloth to reach the finish line. There’s no race for the finish line, in fact, you need to lose the race to win the game!

Super Slow Sloths is recommended for players aged 8+ and is suitable for 3-6 players.

Inside the box you will find:

  • 7 Race track pieces
  • 1 Sloth spinner
  • 6 Sloth playing pieces
  • 6 Sloth character cards
  • 1 Water station card
  • 25 Snooze cards
  • 36 Sabotage cards
  • 32 Speed cards

Super Slow Sloths Board Game Review

Setting up the game is nice and easy, the pieces are like a jigsaw puzzle and you can choose to build your track like a pathway with the start and finish at either end or in a circle with start and finish back to back. If you want to play a shorter game you can build your track using fewer pieces.

We chose a circle track, placing the Snooze, Speed and Sabotage cards around the outside of the track and the spinner in the middle. Before we chose which sloth we wanted to play with we all decided where to place the Water Station card, the purpose of this card to even up the playing field and speeding up the race when one of the sloths is eliminated.

Choosing a sloth character is so much fun, I love a good pun and this game is definitely not short of them. There are six characters to choose from including Goth Sloth, Vincent Van Sloth, RoboSloth, Slothello, Slothlete, and Philoslother. Once you choose a character and card and matching playing piece is time to start the race.

Taking it in turns we spun the sloth spinner, choosing a card from the piles from whatever instruction we landed on. The snooze cards generally help you to stay in play with instructions like ‘move back’ or ‘stay where you are’. The speed cards will propel you or another unlucky sloth of your choosing forward towards the finish line. Sabotage cards help you to hinder your opponent’s progress but beware as sometimes they can hinder your sloth’s progress too.

I absolutely loved the puns on all of the cards, don’t skip reading the heading as this is where the puns are hiding, I won’t spoil the fun but Sloffee Break has to be one of my favourite puns of all time.

As well as the cards making the game exciting there are also special track spaces, if you land on them you must carry out the action as described.

Once you are eliminated you can still sabotage the other sloths still in play, on the back of your character card you will find your sabotage power. You might be eliminated but you still get to have a turn and influence the game by choosing a sabotage card or using your own character card to mess with the other players right up until the winner is crowned.

We all really enjoyed playing, I must admit though it takes some getting used to trying to lose the game in order to win. The cards gave us lots of giggles and I loved the fact that I could still play the game once I had been eliminated especially to hinder the remaining sloth’s progress.

What We Loved About Super Slow Sloths The Game

  • How easy the game is to set up
  • The sloth puns, they are superb
  • That you can still sabotage the game after being eliminated
  • The sloth characters
  • That you can shorten the game by taking away track pieces

Where You Can Buy Super Slow Sloths The Game

Super Slow Sloths is available to buy from:


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