Zoomer Hungry Bunnies {Review}

Daisy and Jake would love a pet of the fluffy variety but I don’t think they are quite ready for that responsibility yet. When Zoomer Hungry Bunnies from Spin Master Toys arrived I knew the kids would be excited. They love robots and bunnies and this toy is the perfect combination of both. Just like a real one this interactive bunny loves being fed delicious treats.

Zoomer Hungry Bunnies Chewy

There are two Zoomer Hungry Bunnies available to buy, Chewy and Shreddy aptly named as they both really munch up their treats ! We were sent Chewy who is a cute white bunny with purple flower details. Each bunny comes with 4 snack sheets, a treat tracer and a snack basket. They also require 3 AA batteries which are not included.

Daisy and Jake thought the bunny was really cute with its fluffy ears and fuzzy tail. They couldn’t wait to switch their bunny on and see it in action.

boy cuddling zoomer hungry bunny

girl with zoomer hungry bunny toy

Pressing the bunnies nose you will give you lots of different responses. You could hear the bunny giggle, sneeze, hiccup, burp and lots more. You can also use the sounds to guess what your bunny needs, you might hear its stomach growl if it’s hungry and it will groan when full up.

zoomer hungry bunny and picnic basket of treats

The bunny is always hungry so you will need to keep it topped up with treats. The bunny comes with over 80 paper snacks, it also comes with a treat tracer so you can make your own when they run out. To feed the bunny you hold one of the treats to its mouth then watch as it chomps away happily. There’s also a little cardboard picnic basket included for you to store the treats in.

feeding zoomer hungry bunny treats

feeding hungry bunny treats

Sometimes the bunny does get carried away and chomps too much paper, when this happened we held the bunny face down and gently patted its back to release the paper.

Once the bunny is full it will let you know with a magical sound. The bunny will then poop colourful confetti which the kids found hilarious of course.

We’ve put together a short video where Daisy and Jake tell you all about the features of Zoomer Hungry Bunnies. There might even be a dance party so make sure you give it a watch.

There are some other great features of the bunny too. You can activate music by pressing the head and holding the nose at the same time. The bunny will giggle and wiggle along to the music and you can add to the music by stroking its head or tickling it’s tummy. There’s also a tickling game to play, where you have to make the bunny giggle to win.

Daisy and Jake both love how interactive the Zoomer Hungry Bunny is, it’s such a fun toy.

What We Loved About Zoomer Hungry Bunnies

  • The cute fluffy ears and tail.
  • Pressing the bunnies nose to hear the cute sounds.
  • The magical confetti poop.
  • Having a dance along to the music.
  • The little paper treats and feeding the bunny.

Zoomer Hungry Bunnies are available to buy from The Entertainer, Smyths, Amazon and all other good toy retailers with an RRP of £29.99.

Disclosure: We were sent Zoomer Hungry Bunnies free for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links see our disclosure policy for more information.

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