Pregnancy Diary-32 Weeks


I’m back again this week with another update on how my fourth and final (this is a definite !) pregnancy is going, this week has been a little kinder to me and I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel with only six more weeks until C day.

Pregnancy and Baby Update

Yesterday saw me enter my 32nd week of pregnancy, last week I’ve had little bursts of energy and I’ve taken advantage of them by sorting through the mountain of baby clothes & items I seem to have accumulated (the majority of it for free !) , my spare room was beginning to look like a jumble sale.

I’ve also had a really good week diabetes wise, I’ve had more good results than bad and it looks like my breakfast level is finally stabilizing, unless I eat Bran flakes which send my results soaring. My fasting results are still a little high but there is still time to up my dose of Humalin overnight so I’m sure that will fall into line soon.

I have managed a couple of semi decent nights sleep which has made me feel a little more alive, although this had led to me doing a bit too much around the house, but how do you know you have done too much until it’s done ?

Tiny Webster is growing nicely and is still plenty active, he is head down already which results in a huge amount of pressure on my pelvis and bladder and while it’s not painful, it’s super uncomfortable.

Here is a photo of my huge bump, not really sure how it can get much bigger !

Other Bits & Bobs

My ham sandwich and a bag of plain crisps craving seem to have made a return this week, it’s all I want to eat for my lunch at the moment, I’ve also been feeling ravenous just lately.

My heartburn seems to be easing off a little and isn’t waking me during the night, I’m about to try Asda’s own version of Gaviscon £4.50 which compared to real Gaviscon at £7.20 is a bargain, a bottle and barely lasts me a week !

I have another growth scan this week and a consultant appointment afterwards, I’m hoping to get the nice lady I had last month but we will see as I haven’t seen the same person more than once yet. I should have one more growth scan after this one, then I will be able to book a date for my c-section.
I can’t wait to meet my little boy and complete our family.

Thanks for reading, if you have questions or comments please leave them below.

Angela x

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