Webster’s Week In Wins 1st – 8th March 2015

I’m back again to share with you what goodies have arrived each week, whether it’s a prize, a freebie, vouchers or even a coupon, I like to keep a record of it and perhaps inspire you to try and bring a little extra something through your letter box.

I’m still waiting for a first win for March, I won two prizes in February which is a record low for me but I must find the motivation to carry on as I know luck can change at any moment and you never know what is just around the corner.

While I’m experiencing a slump in prizes I’ve tried to concentrate my efforts on doing paid surveys and testing products for companies, although it can become tedious filling in endless questions it does guarantee an end result in the form of vouchers.

I’ve been a part of Consumer Pulse for many years, it’s invite only unfortunately so if you ever see them recruiting it’s well worth the effort to sign up, I cashed out £20 in Argos vouchers this week and I’m almost up to another cash out as they have been sending extra surveys this month.

I also had three surveys from Pinecone, this made me a nice little sum of £12.

I cashed out on my Ipsos account, I chose an Amazon voucher which I’m using towards Jake’s birthday present.

I was quite surprised to get my first Bzz Agent kit in over a year, I used to get loads of campaigns from them so I don’t know why they stopped but I’m more than happy with this one, I’m the only person who likes curry in my house so I’m very excited to try this Spice Tailor kit and of course the huge bottle of Kingfisher beer.


Last week I tested some nappies and some baby fruit purees for a research company, I love trying new products for the little ones although I’ve not a clue what the brand was.

Please keep your fingers crossed for a win for me next week.

Angela x


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