Webster’s Week In Wins 7th-13th June 2015

I’m still on a sabbatical from comping at the moment, it’s doing me the world of good to have a little break and pursue something different to see what suits me best, I’ve been thinking carefully about what I actually want to win so when I start again I will be focussing on those things and not be tempted by things I really don’t need.

I’ve had a couple of nice freebies arrive this week and a prize from a new survey community I’ve joined but I totally forgot to take a photo and I’ve worn the t-shirt and given the pen to Chris but I’m keeping the beautiful Moleskine notepad for myself.

This is the book I won for Daisy and Jake last week, she absolutely loves it.

This bib was from an Asda competition online, there were quite a few being given away.

This beautiful limited edition Bourjois mascara was another great freebie from SoPost.

I’m not sure where this came from but it’s certainly needed !

I think I applied for this Burt’s Bees sample ages ago and had forgotten all about it so it was a nice surprise.

I will be back next week to share some more goodies with you.

Angela x


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