January Monthly Round-Up {2016}

January has not been kind to us here at the Websters, our big plans and motivation were thwarted by us all catching the flu. Valuable time was spent shivering in bed and moping about with snotty noses and hacking coughs.

It’s been really hard not to get disheartened and throw frugality to the wind.  Sometimes it feels like we take one step forward and six steps back.  When I feel like this I remind myself of what we want for the future and that it’s going to take hard work and determination to get there so we must not give up.

January Monthly Round-Up

  • We all got sick with the flu.
  • Daisy got an award at school for always aiming high.
  • We paid £126 extra to our debts.
  • We ate from our stockpile and saved on our shopping budget.
  • I got a lot of nice products for free from reviews and surveys.
  • We re-watched our all-time favourite TV show ‘The Mighty Boosh’.
  • We got Daisy to eat some vegetables!
  • My prize cheque arrived so I bought myself some treats (bargains of course).
  • I found lots of ‘yellow sticker’ bargains at my local shop.

IMG_8583[1] IMG_8431 IMG_8536 IMG_8573[1] IMG_8571[1] IMG_8564[1] IMG_8579[1]IMG_8513

As you see from the list above January was a very quiet month and I will be happy to the back of it.

I’m determined that February will be a much more productive and successful month for us. I’m also hoping we will have some respite from this awful grey rainy weather we’ve had most of the month. I’m certainly craving some blue skies.





  1. January 31st 2016 / 2:47 PM

    Well done on paying a bit extra off towards your debts. It’s a hard thing to do sometimes but even £50 odd a month can make a real difference in the long run!

  2. Amanda
    January 31st 2016 / 4:30 PM

    Aww so rubbish to hear that you’ve all been poorly! Flu is absolutely horrid! 🙁 Big well done to paying extra towards your debt! 🙂

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