This Week At The Webster’s – Poorly Again ! , Little Girl Bakes And Baby Learns To Draw

This week has been full of ups and downs but that’s life I suppose at least it’s never boring, Daisy is poorly again and has had to take yet another week off school, she’s having a blood test on Monday to try and find out why it keeps happening, I’m sure it’s nothing serious but there’s always that niggling little doubt at the back of my mind.

Jake decided he didn’t want to be left out and joined in with a snotty nose and a poorly cough, Chris and I have both been feeling under the weather too so it’s not been much fun in our house, despite this I have managed to get lots of jobs done this week as well as a trip to the library which you can read about here .

On Friday Daisy and I decided to do some baking, I found a really simple recipe for short bread in fact I think it’s the easiest thing we have ever made, Daisy loves cooking and baking so I’m more than happy to encourage it.


I thought it was about time that I showed Jake that crayons are not just for munching on (blue teeth anyone ?) he really enjoyed making marks on the paper oh and the floor of course, I also found him eating a glue stick but that’s a story for another day !

We had to say goodbye to our Lemon (read car) this week, we had done all we could to get it back and running but it’s not to be, we will be car free for the foreseeable future, we are feeling a little deflated but trying to look at the positives.

I hope that next week see’s us all on the mend and that Daisy isn’t too traumatised from having her bloods taken, I will be back to let you know how it went.

Angela x


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