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I used to shop week to week, meal plan and only buy what we needed but I found it just wasn’t working for us and the dynamic of our household so for the past couple of months I’ve making my shopping budget stretch further by stockpiling and bulk buying. I’ve been buying meat in bulk as well which I will tell you about in another post and I’ve also been using Approved Foods to bag some fantastic bargains.


Approved Foods is an online retailer of short dated or past it’s best before date food and drink they also sell household goods.

Please don’t let the fact that they sell ‘best before’ stock stop you from ordering, best before dates are more to do with the quality of the food rather than it’s safety. Many people get confused between this and ‘use by’ or they just don’t know the difference at all.

If the product has been stored correctly then it’s not harmful to consume it just might not be of optimum quality or taste but I’ve never found this to be the case when I’ve ordered from Approved Foods.

I thought I would show you my last two Approved Foods hauls and the price I paid for each.

Product Cost: £23.40/Postage Cost: £5.99 Total= £29.39


IMG_7205[1] IMG_7206[1]

Product Cost: £24.04 Postage Cost: £5.99 Total Cost: £29.03
IMG_7409[1]IMG_7411[1]IMG_7410[1] If you do place an order then please come back and share your hauls with me, I would love to see what you bought.

Angela xx

Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link which means if you click and place an order I will receive an incentive which is much appreciated.









  1. Blackpepper1
    September 10th 2015 / 10:32 AM

    Looks interesting. I have never heard of Approved Food before and will definitely be checking them out. Thanks for posting about this.

  2. September 11th 2015 / 5:27 AM

    Do let me know if you order from them and what you think 🙂

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