How To Get Back To Basics With Frugality

When it comes to trying to live a more frugal and money-saving lifestyle there are no ‘one size suits all’ rules. We all have different reasons behind our desire to live more frugally, for me, frugality is about being able to stretch our budget and enjoy family life without having to compromise our time. I have for the last few years made a living from home, it’s a modest one but it pays for treats like days out, short breaks, meals out, etc. I’ve learned how to make savings that stretch our budget further and help us manage through the leaner times.

It’s not always easy to live a frugal lifestyle, life gets in the way and before you know it those good intentions are soon forgotten. I thought I would share some quick and simple ideas to help you get back on track with frugality.

How To Get Back To Basics With Frugality


Meal Planning

I think the easiest and quickest way to make savings is to try to cut your grocery spending. Meal planning is essential when it comes to trying to make savings. I like to do a stock take each week before I go shopping to check what we already have in planning meals this way saves my family so much money.

When planning for the week ahead make sure you include any side dishes to go with the meals and don’t forget about desserts and snacks as well. I find it useful to write a monthly plan which includes a list of meals that I know the whole family with enjoy.

Meal planning also helps to cut down on food waste which will save you money as well as being better for the environment.

person holding a basket of fresh vegetables

Energy Saving

There are so many simple frugal things you can do cut your energy consumption, things like switching off lights when you leave a room, closing doors to rooms that are not in use, looking at alternative ways to heat your home and cutting costs on washing and drying your clothes. These savings might be small but they do make a difference and even a penny saved will soon add up.

Needs Vs Wants

Before you make any purchases that are not already budgeted for you should always ask yourself if you actually need it or do you just want it. I find it useful to have a 48 hour cooling off period before I make any major purchases, this gives you time to research alternatives as well as thinking about your needs versus wants.

I suggest checking charity, thrift and second-hand stores for the things you really want, you can often find things for a fraction of the price and in really good condition too. Shopping this way will save you money and it’s also much better for the environment too.

Free Entertainment

Living a frugal lifestyle doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun, there are lots of free activities and events you can take part in locally. Museums and art galleries are often free to visit and are a great way to learn something new and educate yourself.

Visiting parks, nature reserves, libraries, and picnic areas are all free things to do as well.  Make sure you take your own food, snacks, and drinks to avoid paying the high prices that events and attractions often charge.

I often enter competitions and contests to win tickets for family days out, we have been lucky enough to win trips to cinemas, zoos, theme parks, and other local attractions. Entering competitions is a really frugal hobby to take up, it costs nothing to enter and the rewards are unlimited.

roll of ticket stubs

Make Extra Money

If you have a little spare time each day you could make some extra money from the comfort of your home. There are lots of surveys and online earning websites you can sign up to earn yourself some extra money. It does take a little time to weed out the lower-paying ones but it’s definitely worth your time if you are looking for some extra income. I’ve written a guide on how to make money taking online surveys that you might find useful.

You can also make yourself some extra money by selling things from around your house using online selling websites or local Facebook pages.

These are just some of the simple ways you can ease yourself back into frugality, getting back to basics should set you on your way to living a frugal life whatever that may look like for you.


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