Five Frugal Things For January {2018}

January has been the month to knuckle down and be as frugal as possible. The start of a new year is the perfect time to reassess and plan budgets for the year ahead. We have spent some time planning our finances and thinking of ways we can improve our income this year.

As well as the usual daily frugal things we do, I’ve been trying to think of ways to save and make even more money. I’m always on the lookout for inspiration and motivation to keep us on the frugal straight and narrow.

Five Frugal Things For January

Money Making

I’ve thrown myself back into lots of online money-making doing surveys, mystery shopping and using cashback sites. Even the smallest amount daily adds up and I feel like I’ve made a good start.  I’m planning on writing an updated post on all the money-making websites I use so look out for that soon.

Frugal Food

We have saved so much money on food this month, using up what we already had in the freezer and avoiding takeaways. Planning a week’s worth of meals and cutting down on all the naughty treats has made a massive difference.


The kids agreed to sell lots of toys they no longer play with choosing to put the money towards our family holiday. We also put all our spare change into a tub and use it for treats on holiday. By the time we go away, we should have a nice little amount saved up.

Free Electricity

As part of our rewards with our energy supplier, we get free electricity on a Sunday so I’ve been taking full advantage. I’ve been washing and drying like a woman possessed, saving up all the things like bedding and towels until Sundays. The milder weather has meant we haven’t needed the heating on as much as we normally do this time of year. Saving money on gas and electricity makes me very happy indeed.


I’ve really gotten back into reading in the last few months and I’m enjoying it so much. I’m aware of how costly reading can be as a hobby. I’ve been buying books from the charity shop and making use of the free books available on my kindle instead of buying new ones. I have also been entering competitions with books as prizes and have managed to win two so far.

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2 thoughts on “Five Frugal Things For January {2018}

  1. I love this time of year for reassessing and making new plans. I’ve been making a conscious effort to meal plan and cook from scratch a bit more and it certainly helps.

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