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One of the quickest and easiest ways to make some side money is to sell your unwanted, unloved and unused stuff, I’ve included below all the method’s we have used to sell our things.

Do you remember years ago when the only ways you could sell your stuff was through the newspaper Loot, the small ads in your local paper or a card in the newsagents ? I bet nobody even looks at those boards in the newsagents now, I know I don’t.

There are so many ways to sell your stuff now that it can all become a bit daunting and disheartening, you need a thick skin and realistic expectations.



Local Facebook selling pages for your area are a great place to start, but you will need a good sense of humour and not get too easily offended by the ridiculous offers and arguing about who asked to buy it first. I’ve had the most success by attaching a photo of the item and giving as much information about the item in the description, you can even offer to deliver within a reasonable distance for a few pounds extra.

I’ve found the best things to sell well are children’s items, furniture, consoles and mobile phones.

If you do decide to sell through Facebook be prepared for people not turning up and giving you the run around, I find it best to state from the beginning that items will only be held for 24 hours before passing on to the next person after all you want the money quickly not in 2 week time when the buyer gets paid.


I’m lumping these two websites together as they both serve the same purpose, I’ve sold through both and find pre-loved the most successful, gum tree for some reason seems to attract weirdo’s but is a better way to sell large items like cars or furniture.




If you can make a profit after all the fee’s that Ebay seem to charge nowadays then it might be a worthwhile way to sell those higher end, higher value or more unusual items, you will probably find that you can’t sell your higher value items using Facebook as people want a quick bargain but on Ebay people will be actively looking for specific items.

I’ve had good experiences selling beauty products, designer clothing and jewellery on Ebay, I’ve even seen people selling empty boxes from iPhones and the like, you can never tell what people will buy !



We have always used CeX stores to sell our unwanted dvd’s & blu-ray’s, some are only worth pence but others like box sets can make you a fair bit, you can also choose store credit which is normally higher than the cash amount they offer.
CeX also buy some consoles, mobile phones and other small electronics, you can type your item into the website to see what they will pay you before deciding if the journey is worthwhile.



We have a couple of the cash in your clothes shops nearby and have used them a few times, you do need a good sized bundle and they don’t pay much but something is better than nothing in my opinion. Companies like this sometimes weigh in books and small electronic items so definitely worth doing some research into selling this way if you have plenty of storage at home to keep everything until you have enough to weigh in.



Of course there are so many other ways online you can sell your stuff, a quick search will bring up lots of company’s that are willing to buy from you, just make sure you do a little research before committing to anything, if you are willing to think outside the box then the sky’s the limit.

How do you sell your unwanted stuff ? I would love to hear about your experiences with selling both good and bad, feel free to leave me a comment.


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