31 Reading Challenge Ideas For Kids

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Some kids love reading and that’s great but what do you do if yours struggle to enjoy reading ? The best way to help a reluctant reader is to make reading more exciting for them. Getting kids excited about reading can be hard sometimes so a  reading challenge is a fantastic way to encourage kids to read more.

Why Reading Is So Important

Reading is an important life skill to learn, it helps develop language, understand the world around us and enhances imagination just to name a few. Learning to read also creates independence and builds self-confidence too. Reading is also a great form of entertainment and can be a very relaxing experience for kids too. Here are some other reasons why reading is so important:

Expands vocabulary 

Improves grammar

Strengthens brain connections

Improves concentration

Develops empathy

Improves language skills 

The best way to encourage kids to read and help them find things they would like to read is variety. It’s all about finding something that captures their imagination and that they are interested in. It doesn’t have to be books, it could be things like magazines, poems or even road signs. The best way to find out what your child loves to read is to experiment and that’s why a reading challenge can be so useful. Here are 31 reading challenge ideas to make reading more fun for your kids.

31 Reading Challenge Ideas For Kids

  1. Read a poem 
  2. Learn the lyrics of your favourite song
  3. Read a comic
  4. Complete a word search puzzle
  5. Read at the park
  6. Write a book review 
  7. Read in a den you have made
  8. Listen to an audio book
  9. Read at the library
  10. Swap a book with a friend
  11. Read a story to someone younger than you
  12. Learn a poem off by heart
  13. Read at breakfast 
  14. Recommend a book to a friend
  15. Complete a crossword puzzle
  16. Read aloud in a funny voice
  17. Find 3 new words in a book and look up what they mean
  18. Read a book that was published in the year you were born
  19. Go to bed early and read for 15 minutes
  20. Read a recipe
  21. Visit a book store and choose a new book
  22. Read in the bath
  23. Look for road signs to read
  24. Read 5 jokes
  25. Start a reading journal
  26. Read to your soft toys
  27. Describe the plot of a book to your parents
  28. Read to your pet
  29. Use a torch to read in the dark
  30. Read a menu
  31. Find a book buddy and read with them

I hope some of these ideas are helpful, if you have any more ideas please do leave me a comment.

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