Easter Fun With Dunham Massey & Percy The Park Keeper

Earlier this year we bought ourselves a National Trust membership, we pay monthly which makes it really affordable. We have so many properties close by so the membership is a real investment for us. To get the most out of our membership we plan to attend lots of the family events that the National Trust host throughout the year.

Last weekend we visited Dunham Massey especially for the Easter Percy The Park Keeper trail around the garden. Percy The Park Keeper has lost the tools that he needs to look after Dunham Massey. We had to solve the clues around the garden to find out who or what was causing all the mischief. At the end of the trail the kids got a very tasty surprise indeed.

The trail is based on the new book One Springy Day by Nick Butterworth and is the first of four seasonal activity trails across the year. Entry to the garden is free for National Trust members with the first trail costing £2.50 per child which includes a Cadbury Easter egg.

Although this was a treat for the kids I couldn’t wait to see the plants and flowers blooming in the garden. The Magnolia and blossom trees are already in full bloom and just so pretty.

The National Trust volunteers at the gate of the garden told the children to look out for the hidden hanging knitted Easter eggs as well as the trail clues. The kids were so excited and set about looking for clue number one using the colourful guide and map.

We soon found clue number one, there is a stamping station for the kids to stamp inside their booklet. This was lots of fun for the kids to do themselves. There’s also snippets of a story to read at the clue stations which is a lovely touch.

On the way around the garden the kids stopped to look at some of the flowers growing including daffodils and vibrant tulips. We also spotted a cheeky squirrel taking a bite out of some shrubbery, I’m not sure the gardeners will be very happy with him.

There are also interactive storytelling sessions throughout the Easter holidays. You can join Percy the Park Keeper to hear all about his adventures with his woodland friends. We didn’t stay for the session this time but it did sound like lots of fun.

Once the kids had found all the clues and the culprit, I’ll keep this secret as not to spoil the surprise, we spent a little more time exploring the garden.

On the way out the kids collected their prize for completing the trail, they were very happy indeed with their chocolate treat. We will be back soon to continue the fun with Percy the Park Keeper and his woodland friends.

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