Easy Kitchen Updates That Won’t Take Over Your Weekend

Did you know that for an average Joe like you and me to remodel their kitchen, you’re looking at over £5,000! That’s before you add up all the time it’ll take for it to be fully completed and useable again. But if your kitchen is looking a little outdated, or you’re completely sick of looking at the same boring wallpaper, chipped paint and tired old cabinets then read on. Here you’ll find a few simple, straightforward kitchen updates you can do within a weekend. Leaving you with plenty of time – and plenty of leftover cash!

Easy Kitchen Updates

modern white kitchen with breakfast island


Your kitchen floor sees a lot of action after all the kitchen is the heart of any home. Many of us would love a new floor, and if you have the budget to do so, you should treat yourself! Most kitchen floors, like laminate, can be fitted easily by following online tutorials or reading up on a guide to laying laminate floors. But if your budget is a little more modest then don’t worry.

You’re stood up in the kitchen most of the time, so make yourself a little more comfortable. Add a splash of colour and comfort into your space by introducing a rug. Most designers recommend a rug by the sink and one that is durable and can be brushed off outside!

modern dark wood kitchen interior

Cabinet Doors

If your kitchen units have seen better days but replacing them fully would take too much time and money, then simply remove them, swap them, or even paint them!

You could replace your current cabinet doors with glass ones to give your kitchen a real stylish feel. Or if you’d rather keep your Tupperware obsession a secret – opt for frosted glass instead. If your kitchen is a little on the small side, then by removing the doors completely and creating “open shelving” you can make the kitchen feel bigger.

Make A Feature

Don’t want to spend hours removing and painting kitchen cabinets? No problem. If you still want to add a touch of colour/style, then paint a single wall instead. Make it bold, bright and inviting – but if your kitchen is small, steer clear of small, busy patterns.

Make Use Of Your Appliances

Something like a bright blue refrigerator might be a little off-budget. But that doesn’t mean you can’t utilise every other appliance. These aren’t just kitchen appliances that serve a functional purpose, think of them as accessories. The jewellery on your outfit, the shoes or handbag. We’re thinking, a bright green kettle to make a bold statement or a stunning rose gold range to add a touch of class. The choice is yours!

coffee pot and black coffee glass cup in kitchen

New Handles

New handles or pulls, knobs, and sliders are an easy and inexpensive way of adding a touch of your personality to your tired old kitchen. You’d be amazed at what styles and shapes you can get in the way of drawer pulls these days! They’re usually inexpensive and this job can be done in an afternoon!

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2 thoughts on “Easy Kitchen Updates That Won’t Take Over Your Weekend

  1. We spruced up our kitchen last year and by doing just a few things, plus buying some new accessories it made the world of difference. I would love to paint our kitchen units one day, and I would never thought to put a rug in the kitchen x

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