Surviving The Airport Unscathed: Is It Possible ?

The airport is the place we’re most likely to fear when we’re headed on holiday. Full of bustling travellers and customs makes you doubt everything you’ve packed in your bag. Most people seem to have a bad experience here… You don’t even need to be pregnant to have not so great a time whenever you check in and out of the airport; it might just be the most stressful part of the holiday, and hardly worth the energy you put into it. However, there’s a few quick trips on the market when it comes to making the experience a lot easier on you and your family, and they don’t have to be hard to follow either. Here’s a few of those for your consideration to make the next trip away the most relaxing journey you’ve ever been on!

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Check into a Hotel the Night Before

If your flight is due to leave early in the morning, and you know you’re going to have to get up in the middle of the night simply to try to get there on time, why not check yourself into a hotel either adjacent or nearby the airport the night before? This means you get some extra sleep, and so do the kids, and you’ll be a lot more fresh-faced and ready to handle whatever the check in desk throws at you.

Even on the other side of the journey, if you check into a hotel that’s a lot nearer the flight home than the accommodation you were staying in before, you’re going to have a well-rounded end to your vacation. You might even be able to take in some sights you didn’t know about before you start queuing up, so try out a place like the Courtyard Mexico City Airport and make your vacation one to truly stick in the mind.

Try to Nap on the Plane

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to nap when you’re waiting in the airport, you might miss your flight after all! But when you get on the plane, try to catch some shut-eye. It’ll do a lot for your energy levels, especially when you’re going to be doing a lot of exploring by the time you touch down. Not to mention you’ll still be able to adjust to the new time zone this way.

Get your kids to do the same thing (as it’ll help keep them quiet, especially if you’re longhaul!), and then nap off any of the stress you experienced when you were waiting on the floor only 10 or so minutes ago. Even just another 20 minutes is going to fuel you for a good few hours, and might make the flight go a lot smoother because of your relaxed alertness.

Surviving the airport unscathed is possible to do, but it takes preparation most of all. And most of that comes from good sleep and the new sense of patience we get from that as well. So try out these tips!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. 


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