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The first week of the summer holidays is just coming to an end for us and it’s been a challenging one. Jake started the week a little under the weather and Daisy is already missing her friends from school. I’m sure the problems we’ve had are because we are all readjusting to spending whole days together. I’ve also had some work come in that needed to be done, self-employed life doesn’t stop even for the holidays.

I lost count of the amount of bickering and arguments there have been this week. The kids have been squabbling over the slightest things. We have about eight pillows on our bed and I found them fighting over one ! She’s done this, he’s done that, we’ve had it all this week. It’s been challenging to say the least.

It hasn’t all been bad though, sometimes, in a rare moment they will play so nicely together. I’ve promised them a sleepover in Daisy’s room tonight if they can get along together for the day. The prospect of a movie and snacks should be incentive enough to keep the peace.

I would really have liked to take the whole summer off work but it’s just not possible. The ideal situation would be to work in the evenings but that’s just not working for me at the moment. I’ve had a few last minute pieces of work land in my inbox this week. I’m not complaining though, being able to work from home and around the kids is something I’m grateful for. It can just be a bit challenging during the school holidays.

Chris and I have been trying to eat a lot healthier over the last month. We’ve both done really well but it’s definitely challenging for a pair of chocoholics. Chris has been going to the gym in the evenings which is really helping to curb our night time snacking habits. We are both feeling so much better for making some changes.

I’m sure next week will bring its own set of challenges. Hopefully a weekend of rest and relaxation will help me tackle the rest of the holidays whatever they bring.

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16 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Challenging

  1. Oh dear! I do hope the holidays get easier for you. I know it can be challenging sometimes. I find my three are fine if they have screens, but as soon as screen time is up it’s constant demands, constant moaning or constant bickering. Trust me, I can understand why some mum’s leave their kids glued to screens all day….very tempting sometimes!

  2. Sorry to hear the first week has been challenging trying to adjust to the whole days together. Fingers crossed the prospect of a sleepover does the trick. Working from home around the kids can be tricky – I have the same issue (when I’m not on mat leave). There are definitely plus points to being able to be home with them but trying to work when they are at home too is a challenge at times. Well done on managing to curb the night-time snacking and glad you are feeling better for eating more healthily. #WotW

  3. I can remember arguing with my brother all the time because “he had more sweeties than me”. He didn’t. Mum always counted them out so we had the exact same every time. Why do kids pull fights out of thin air?! I hope it starts to calm down for you as you all adjust to the summer holidays 🙂 #WotW

  4. Ahh! We are on week two of the holidays and the bickering and begun. Ugh! Life would be so much easier if they would just get on….
    I hope they get their sleepover! It sounds like fun!
    I found myself blogging gone midnight the other night just to stay on top of things…lol
    I hope next week is better for you x

  5. I hope you all settle into your new routine next week. It can be hard when you still have your everyday responsibilities that still need attending to while the kids are off school. I am tired of sleepovers here. I have had a houseful and am so tired! Well done on the healthy eating. I am sure you will reap the rewards x #wotw

  6. Well done on the healthy eating I am just getting back into it after my holiday, where I totally ate what I wanted all the time. I remember the bickering well, its odd now Jack is working and Joe is home alone with me, although I hate how much time he tries to spend on his Xbox so am trying to get him out loads. Hope week 2 is calmer xx

  7. I feel ya it is challenging and can be really intense to spend hours together for a long period. I too have bickering, luckily there have been moments when they have got on like a house on fire. Hope you settle on more next week X #wotw

  8. I find my two need to get through those first few days of the holidays to settle into the slower days and lack of routine, I always think the first week is the most challenging. I do hope they enjoy next week more and yes, I feel you on the work balance, it’s a tricky one x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

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