How To Revamp Your Room On A Budget

There are so many things about my home that I would love to improve. I have lots of ideas but sadly not the budget to stretch quite that far. Lately I’ve been thinking of small budget friendly ways that I could revamp the rooms in our house. I take lots of inspiration from interior accounts on Instagram and Pinterest, thinking of ways I can create the latest look for less.

If you think outside the box there are so many little ways you can totally revamp your rooms. Even a small improvement can a long way to how you feel about your home. I’ve come up with a few ideas of how you can refresh and revamp your rooms no matter how tight your budget.


The quickest way I’ve found to make a room look refreshed is to clean and re-paint the woodwork. Door frames and skirting boards become grubby really quickly. It’s surprising what a difference a deep clean or a lick of paint can make. Instead of totally changing the room, you could even replace some of skirting boards to give the room a whole new look.  Skirting board like this from Skirtings R Us is affordable and fits in well in any room.


A new throw over an old sofa, a rug to cover a stain or a new pair of curtains can all make a room look brand new. None of these things need to be new, you can pick up bargains at car boot sales, charity shops or on Ebay. You could even move some accessories you already have to a different room for a whole new look.

There are so many great home stores that offer interior products for a range of budgets like HomeSense or The Range. Remember to shop at the end of the season sales to pick up a bargain too.


A perfectly positioned lamp or a new lamp shade or light feature can give a room a relaxing and inviting feel. Experiment with different bulbs to see if it changes the ambiance of the room.

Keeping your windows clean means that you are making the most of the natural light. This makes any room instantly feel refreshed and bright.


Adding a plant makes such a difference, it makes a room come to life. I’ve been picking up plants in the sales and I’m really enjoying displaying them around the house. If you want to start off small you could choose a few little succulents in colourful pots.

Some plants can make your rooms smell nicer too, so no need for artificial scented products.

Feature Wall

Create a feature wall including a mix of family photo’s, artwork and inspiration quotes. Again you could pick up some frames and prints really cheap from car boot sales. Ikea have a great range of affordable frames in store.

A good feature wall makes a fantastic focal point in a room, it will make you smile and distract you from things you don’t like about your rooms.

With just a few small changes like these, you will be feeling a lot happier about your home in no time.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. 

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