Baby Annabell My Special Day {Review}

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Baby Annabell is celebrating something very special this year, she is 20 years young! To celebrate there’s a new Baby Annabell My Special Day doll available and Daisy was very excited when one arrived for us to review.

Baby Annabell My Special Day Annabell by Zapf Creation comes ready to celebrate dressed in a beautiful pink striped party dress with cupcake detailing, a soft pink hat with a bow, and a little pink cardigan. She is just like a real baby with realistic sounds and movements. She can cry, babble, laugh, gurgles, sucks on her dummy and much more.  The My Special Day doll also comes with accessories including a bottle, dummy, cupcakes, cake decorations and party plates.

Baby Annabell My Special Day Doll Review 

baby annabell my special day doll and acessories

Daisy couldn’t wait to set up a little tea party for Baby Annabell but first, there were lots of cuddles. One of Daisy’s favourite features of the Baby Annabell dolls is the lifelike functions, she loves playing mummy, comforting, feeding and burping her dolly. I really like the realistic sounds when the doll is being bottle-fed or sucking on its dummy, it adds that extra dimension to the imaginative role play.

The doll requires 3 AA batteries which are not included, there is an on/off switch which I think is always a bonus.

girl holding baby annabell my special day doll

girl kissing baby annabell my special day doll

The doll can be fed with water from the bottle and has the function to wee on a potty, this isn’t included but can be purchased separately. She can also cry real tears and will close her eyes when you rock her to sleep.

girl bottle feeding baby annabell my special day doll

close up of Baby Annabell My Special Day face

Daisy had so much fun setting up a party for Baby Annabell and her other dolls to enjoy. Decorating cupcakes is a serious business. She even made some little gifts to celebrate her dolls special day, after all, what’s a party without presents.  I think it’s safe to say there will be lots more parties happening over the next few months, Daisy has a lot of toys to invite!

Baby Annabell My Special Day having a tea party with friend

What We Loved About My Special Day Annabell

  • The lifelike features and noises
  • Cute cupcake design on the dolls dress, shoes and dummy
  • That the cupcakes can be decorated
  • Being able to feed the doll with water

Where You Can Buy Baby Annabell My Special Day Annabell

Baby Annabell My Special Day and other products in the range are available to buy from:


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