EasiYo Yogurt Maker Review

In our house there’s one thing we are constantly having to stock up on, yogurt. The kids eat a ton of the stuff, from flavoured to plain and Greek to natural they love it all. I’ve been considering a yogurt maker for a while. So when an EasiYo yogurt maker turned up for us to review I was delighted.

The kids were also excited to be able to make their own yogurt.

The EasiYo Yogurt Maker is a simple way to make fresh, delicious and healthy yogurt at home. EasiYo yogurt has no artificial colours or flavours at all so it’s ideal for the whole family. It’s also a good source of protein and calcium.

With a simple 3 step process to follow it’s super easy to make delicious homemade yogurt.

The starter pack we received included:

Red yogurt maker  

1kg yogurt jar

Greek style yogurt mix (makes 1kg)

Strawberry yogurt mix (makes 1kg)

We were also kindly sent a couple of extra mixes to try.

After reading the instructions we got to work on making some yogurt. I liked how easy the process was to follow and felt confident in letting the kids get involved.

We filled the yogurt jar half way with room temperature drinking water. There were a few squabbles over what flavour we should choose first but we settled on toffee. Daisy poured the mixture into the jar of water and gave it a good shake. We then topped it up with more water and gave a shake again.

The next part required boiling water so Daddy took over at this point. Inside the yogurt maker is a plastic spacer, he poured the boiling water to the top of this.

We then placed the jar inside of the yogurt maker and twisted the lid on. It’s recommended that the yogurt should be left for 8-12 hours to set. We set our timer for 8 hours and when we checked it had set.

Once it had set we popped it in the fridge. The kids couldn’t wait to try it but I wanted to chill it for a few hours first. Another squabble ensued, this time about who would taste test first. We decided to let Jake go first as he is the biggest yogurt lover in our house. He gave it a big thumbs up and a top banana so we all got spoons and dug in.

I love how thick and creamy the yogurt turned out. I also love how far 1kg went, the kids have had more than a few servings from the jar. I’m going to try the Greek style mix next as that’s my favourite type of yogurt.

I’ve also been looking at all the different flavours on the EasiYo website. I also spotted some reusable squeezy pouches for the kids. We are definitely going to have some fun experimenting with our yogurt maker.

The EasiYo yogurt maker starter pack retails for around £21.99 and is available from Amazon and other good retailers.

Disclaimer: I received the EasiYo yogurt maker free of charge for the purpose of this review. All thoughts are my own.

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