Poopsie Slime Surprise Sparkly Critters {Review}

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The craze for slime doesn’t look like it’s ending anytime soon, if your kids are anything like mine then they will love the latest toy from Poopsie Slime Surprise. Sparkly Critters are adorable animals each with a sparkly unicorn horn, there are 16 different characters to collect. When you feed your sparkly critter water you find out if they spit up or poop slime. Poopsie Slime Surprise Sparkly Critters also come with unicorn magic, unicorn shimmer, and even ultra-rare unicorn sparkles to transform the slime.

kids holding poopsie slime sparkly critters

Poopsie Slime Sparkly Critters Review

The Sparkly Critters come in a sparkly soda pop can, the kids couldn’t wait to open it up and see which surprise critter they had. To open the can you remove the card from the back, inside there are chambers that spin to reveal your surprises. Daisy was delighted to find that along with unicorn magic and shimmer she also had a packet of ultra-rare sparkles.

inside poopsie slime sparkly critters

Inside the surprise mystery bags they found:

  • A collectible soda can
  • A unicorn spoon
  • A Sparkly Critter
  • Unicorn magic, unicorn shimmer (unicorn sparkles)
  • Resealable bag for the slime

Jake found Fleece who is a rare collectible from the Bougie Poops group. Daisy found the ultra-rare Rainbow Brightstar from the Junk Food Doodies group of critters. We all thought the critters were incredibly cute with their long pretty eyelashes and golden sparkly unicorn horns.

Making The Slime

Once all the surprises were open it was time to get on with the fun part, the slime making. Following the instructions we removed the dummies from the critters mouths, taking care to tilt them back so none of the slime powder was lost.

Next, the kids put the soda cans in a cup of water and pulled back the plunger to fill it will water, they did need some help with this as the plunger was a little stiff. They fed the water to their critters, replacing the dummies when they had done and shaking the critter up and down for about one minute.

When they finished shaking it was time to see if the critters would poop or spit up, both our critters had hearts on their bottoms which according to the instruction leaflet meant they should poop but this didn’t happen. Both critters spit up instead.

Once the slime was in the bowls we left it for the suggested time of twenty minutes but found it was still too wet. After forty minutes the slime was formed but was very sticky and there wasn’t a great amount of it. I’m not sure what went wrong but the consistency just wasn’t right, it was more like putty than slime. It didn’t stretch and when we tried to add the unicorn magic it clumped up, the kids were getting impatient by this point so I improvised. Luckily we had some tubs of slime on hand so all was not lost. The kids added the remainder of the unicorn shimmer and sparkle to that instead and still had a good time playing with it. Watching some videos on YouTube afterward I saw that if you put the slime back in some water it could be salvaged, perhaps it was just our technique.

Even though our slime making didn’t go to plan the kids still enjoyed the surprise and mystery element of the Sparkly Critters. They love their critters which are super adorable and sweet.

What We Loved About Poopsie Slime Sparkly Critters

  • The adorable Sparkly Critters
  • Finding an ultra-rare character
  • Opening the surprise bags
  • The resealable slime bag
  • The soda can design

What Could Be Improved

  • The consistency of the slime
  • The amount of slime it makes

Where You Can buy Poopsie Slime Sparkly Critters

Poopsie Slime Sparkly Critters and other toys in the range are available to buy from:

The Entertainer


John Lewis




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