Review-Creamline Dairies Market Fresh Fruit & Veg Box Delivery

If you are a regular reader you will know that I was recently diagnosed as diabetic which means I’m trying to lead a healthier lifestyle so it was perfect timing when a box of fruit and veg arrived for me to review from Creamline Dairies.

Unlike a lot of fruit and veg box delivery schemes you can choose exactly what you want in your box from Creamline Dairies, they support local farmers and suppliers and work with them to bring you the freshest fruit and vegetables straight to your door, delivery is totally free which I think is fantastic.

My box was delivered on a Saturday morning and the first thing I noticed when I opened the box was the delicious smell of all the fresh fruit and vegetables inside. The children were both excited to look through the box and touch and smell the contents and of course have a little taste.

IMG_0858[1] IMG_0861[1] IMG_0862[1] IMG_0868[1] IMG_0867[1]

I loved that there was an activity on the outside of the box for the children to make a robot out of it, being typical children they found their own way to have fun with the box by climbing inside.

IMG_0872[1] IMG_0869[1] IMG_0865[1]

The quality of the fruit and vegetables is far superior to my usual store bought produce, everything tasted exactly as it should the grapes were sweet, the raspberries were tasty and the new potatoes were buttery and delicious. The box lasted us a whole week and it all stayed fresh, I’m really impressed by the service, quality and value for money and will definitely be placing another order.




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