This Week At The Webster’s – You Never Know What A Week Will Bring

This last week truly has been a week from hell, I thought I would write a quick post rather than not blog at all.

I started last week feeling rather unwell, I struggled along through Monday but by Tuesday afternoon I was in agony and unable to carry on as normal I went to an out of hours service and was treated for one thing which turned out to not be the actual thing that was wrong, I know I’m being rather vague about what was wrong, all I will say is that I had an extremely bad and painful abscess in a very delicate area, I have never ever felt pain like it before in my life even during childbirth !

Finally after a whole week spent in excruciating pain I was admitted to a ward on Friday and finally had an operation on Saturday.

I don’t have much else to tell you about last week as you can imagine it’s mainly been spent in a haze of pain.

The worst part of it all for me was being apart from Chris and the little ones, not being able to have my big kids visit as normal, feeling totally useless and helpless and realising how ill prepared we really are for an emergency.

The positive things that have come out of this situation is that it’s made me stop and realise how run down I was, it’s made it more important than ever for me to get myself well and start looking after myself, I’ve truly realised what is important and what is not.

We have a few tough weeks ahead but I’m determined that if we ever find ourselves in such an unexpected situation again we will be much better prepared, we don’t have a massive support system of people who can help us out but those who did I am truly grateful for.

I’m so happy to be home and I’m going to enjoy every moment spent with my family.

I can only hope that this terrible run of bad health that seems to have plagued us since December is finally at an end.

Angela x

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