Festive Fun and Christmas Traditions

Daisy has finished school and all my work is done so it’s time for us to have some festive fun. With a whole week ahead of us I’ve made sure we have something festive to do each day to keep us busy. The excitement about Father Christmas visiting at the weekend is building so distraction techniques have been deployed.

Some of our usual Christmas traditions have fallen by the wayside this year for one reason or another. We have been able to start what will be some new traditions for us too. As the children get older I’m sure we will add to them.

For years we have chosen a new bauble each for the tree and it’s definitely something I want to continue so we must try harder next year.

Our usual drive round the neighbourhoods looking at Christmas lights hasn’t happened either unless you include the ones we have spotted on the way to shopping.

One new thing we have done this year is to decorate a gingerbread house. The children loved doing this and I’ve already added it to the ‘must always do’ list. I’m not sure what they enjoyed more, the decorating or the demolishing afterwards ! This morning we got out the craft box, drew some Christmas trees and decorated them with colours and stickers.The rest of this week will include lots of the following

  • glittery play-doh with festive cutters
  • watching Christmas films
  • reading ‘The Night Before Christmas
  • listening to our demonic snowman sing his own special version of ‘Frosty The Snowman’ on repeat (truly frightening)
  • Eating way too many mince pies
  • excited giddiness and merriment

I’m hosting a little Christmas eve get together for the family. I’ve also put together a basket full of goodies for the kids to enjoy on Christmas eve. Once the kids are tucked up in bed Chris and I will enjoy a takeaway.

Christmas morning will bring excitement, happiness and wonder and I can’t wait.


Word of the Week – Fun

We have all had a little fun this week of one variety or another. Monday evening saw us visiting Winter Wonderland in Manchester, I won tickets after entering every competition I could find. We went two years ago and had a wonderful time so I wanted to repeat the experience.

After tea we bundled the children in to the car and told them we were just nipping out. We wanted it to be a surprise and Daisy didn’t guess until we pulled in to the car park at Event City. We saw a lady taking two reindeer for a walk, not something you see every day. After collecting our tickets we enjoyed some live music before entering the exciting wonderland.

There were so many rides for the children to go on, they were spoilt for choice. We already knew that Daisy loves fairground rides but Jake had never been before. We needn’t have worried as he took to them like a duck to water and didn’t want to get off. 

Daisy and Jake spotted the Pip Ahoy! salty cove beach and spent some time building sandcastles. Jake even had his photo taken with Pip. After three hours of fun we were exhausted and headed home, way past our bedtime but very happy.The fun continued for Daisy with her class Christmas party and Christmas dinner. She came home with a book bag full of cards and crafts and a present from the class Santa.

Chris will also be having fun as he’s watching the new Star Wars movie as I type. I surprised him with tickets as I know he would never book them himself.

Jake and I have had our usual fun at home so it’s been a good week all round.The Reading Residence

August At The Websters

August was a fantastic month but it’s flown by in the blink of an eye and I can’t believe that Summer is coming to an end already, although I do love Autumn so you won’t hear many complaints from me. I’ve really enjoyed Daisy being home everyday and the slower pace of life really has done us all the world of good and has helped to prepare us for the busy months ahead when school starts again next week.

Here’s what we’ve been up to in August.

  • We kept ourselves Busy with lots of fun crafts and activities.
  • We stayed up late and watched movies together.
  • We went to the park a lot !
  • Daisy & Jake Squabbled a lot!
  • We celebrated my eldest boy turning 17.
  • We had a picnic at the park where Daisy met the BFG.
  • I did lots of decluttering and cleaning which always makes me happy.
  • I had the biggest Win I’ve ever had.
  • I took advantage of the dry days and hung lots of washing out.
  • We took a detour and found the most beautiful park.
  • I stocked up the freezers with lots of tasty meals for Autumn.
  • Daisy & Jake had their first sleepover with their grandparents.
  • We ticked lots of things off our Summer bucket list.
  • Poor Jake took a trip to the hospital after cutting his toe open.
  • We got a few lie-ins (in this house that’s a miracle !)
  • Daisy & Jake got haircuts.

IMG_1666[1]IMG_1241[1]IMG_1673[1] IMG_1054 IMG_1360 IMG_1279IMG_1152 IMG_1316September is already looking to be a jam packed month for us with lots of celebrations and events and of course Daisy will be starting school full time which is very exciting. Do you have any exciting plans for September leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you.

Angela xx

A Bank Holiday Detour

Yesterday was the last bank holiday Monday of 2016 so we decided to make the most of FrugalMrW being off work and the bright sunny weather and planned a trip to one of the local National Trust properties. Despite best laid plans FrugalMrW has been suffering a bout of sciatica and really wasn’t up to a whole afternoon walking round gardens and parkland so we decided to take the children to a nearby park that has a splash zone in it.

As we approached the park we noticed a sign that said there was a fun fair there for the bank holiday weekend, we had planned for a budget day out and had only brought enough pennies for ice cream. Daisy is obsessed with ‘fair funs’ so we really didn’t want to have to disappoint her by visiting but having to say no to her requests so we made a quick detour and debated where else we could go.  I remembered another big park called Sherdley that was close by where I had once been to a concert I wan’t sure eactly what was there but we decided to take a chance and I’m so glad we did.

The park was huge with acres of green space and huge ancient trees for miles around, we were actually in the middle of a town although you never would have guessed. Despite there being a tiny fun fair the park was that well equipped that Daisy was quite happy to miss out on a ride, we spent ages exploring the slides, climbing frames and swings before heading for a walk.

IMG_1666[1] IMG_1477[1] IMG_1486[1] IMG_1502[1]

We came across another play area that was completely fenced off with a safety gate so little ones couldn’t escape, it was full of fun equipment and a giant sand pit. Next to the play area was a pets corner complete with pigs, chickens, rabbits, ponies and even an ostrich and wallaby! entry was free and some escaped hens and peacocks paid the play area a visit much to the delight of the children.

It was so nice to be able to sit and watch the children play in the sunshine and they loved having the freedom to run about under the trees, of course we had the expected terrible two’s tantrum when it was time to leave but other than that it was a pretty perfect bank holiday.


This little detour has made me even more determined to discover more of the areas that surround our home town, we might just stick a pin in a local map and take more weekend mystery tours who knows what we will discover.

Angela xx

Word of the Week – Busy

This has been the first full week of the Summer holidays for us and although we haven’t been far from home we have certainly packed in lots of fun on top of the usual daily must do life things and appointments so my word of the week is busy.

A cup of tea isan excuse to share great thoughts withgreat minds


Busy to me usually consists of having too much on my to-do list and trying to work through it non stop but busy this week has meant filling our days with lots of fun, the kind of busy I don’t mind being at all.


Monday morning started off with us using up some bananas to bake banana muffins, Daisy gets so hungry in the mornings so I thought these would be the perfect snack.


Our craft boxes have been out every single day, creativity runs free on our kitchen table.


Daisy was quite proud of this birthday cake she built, silly mummy though it was a castle but she soon set me straight.


Jake prefers colouring and drawing to gluing and sticking, he doesn’t like to have messy hands.


We spent some time pampering ourselves, Daisy loves having nail polish on these are special child friendly ones.

IMG_1009 IMG_1013

On Wednesday we met up with some friends on the park, despite the dark skies and blustery weather we still had lots of fun.


Daisy had her first experience with 3D, we picked up a fun Finding Dory colouring pack from Aldi for just 89p.


We squeezed in some time to watch some of our favourite Disney films.


After my appointment with the dietitian we called at the library, as well as choosing some books we picked up these fantastic freebies. Daisy has an under the sea project to do for her homework so these will be really helpful.


Sadly our busy week ended with Jake rolling Daisy’s bike over his toes, he has quite a deep cut but thankfully he didn’t break anything. We have had to cancel our plans to meet friends on the park today but I’m sure we will can still find lots of fun things to keep us busy at home instead.

How has your week been ? have you been finding fun things to do in the Summer holidays ? leave me a comment below I love hearing from you.

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Angela xx

Professional Child Wrangler

I don’t know what it’s like in your house in the morning but in ours it’s lively, rowdy and frustrating. I’m quite an organised person and I always leave plenty of time to get us all ready and out of the door on time for the day ahead but no matter how organised I am we are always rushing at the last minute.

A few weeks ago I realised that every morning trying to get both children in the bathroom at the same time to brush their teeth and have a wash was becoming increasingly farcical, once I had one of the little monkeys within my grasp the other one had fled, I would give chase with one child under my arm (to avoid further escape) and both toothbrushes balanced precariously between my teeth. It was at that point that I decided instead of getting stressed I would turn it into a game of skill, I imagined myself a cowboy with unruly young bulls to wrangle back into the pen, no way were two tiny people going to out run me Benny Hill style every single morning.

Changing my attitude towards this task has made it feel so much easier and a lot more fun, I approach the morning routine with the dedication of a professional and therefore have granted myself the title of professional child wrangler, I won’t be hiring my services out just yet as I’ve a lot to learn and many more hours of practice to put in yet.


Sword fight before breakfast anyone ? 

Do you ever use your imagination to diffuse a frustrating child related incident ? leave me a comment below I love hearing from you.

Angela xx

#GDAYUK Smiggle Store Event

A few weeks ago an email invitation from Smiggle arrived in my inbox, for those of you who have never heard of Smiggle they are an Australian stationery brand who sell original, fun, colourful and affordable products. Smiggle (where a smile meets a giggle) opened it’s first UK store in 2014 and I was so excited to be invited to their Manchester Arndale branch to see the new G’day UK collection.

Both Daisy and I are stationery addicts, we regularly have little journalling and craft sessions together where the washi tape, coloured pens and stickers all come out, I’m always looking for new products that will spark her creativity and be lots of fun at the same time so I knew we would love Smiggle.

We arrived at the store to be greeted by the friendly team who work at Smiggle, you can tell they are passionate about their products as they are all super knowledgeable about the ranges. The G’day UK display at the front of the store entices you in with fun Australian themed stationery it really is a delight for the senses with colour, textures and even scents to enjoy.


Daisy’s favourite G’day UK product is this ausie scented eraser tub with these delightful kangaroo and koala scented puzzle erasers inside.


My favourite product is this fluffy cuteness, it’s the ausie kangaroo & joey journal set I’m not sure how I resisted temptation and left it in the store, it’s definitely going on my wishlist.


If you were a fan of scented erasers when you were a kid like me then Smiggle is the perfect place to re-live your childhood, I was in awe at this shelf full of amazing scented stationery.



Daisy had so much fun looking round the store, sniffing all the scented products and trying out the range of fun toys and gadgets, she enjoyed a cupcake and coloured in a boomerang getting into the ausie spirit.

IMG_0744[1] IMG_0737[1] IMG_0723[1]

As a self confessed bargain hunter I was delighted to find a huge sale section, the products are already affordable so to find a sale section was a huge bonus.


We were even treated to an exclusive sneak peak of a brand new range of back to school collection called Camo which will available in stores at the end of July.


We left the store with a gorgeous goodie bag and I also bought some things for Daisy, she chose the scented pencils and the duo spy pen that she hasn’t put down since we got home I think every kid should own one they are awesome.

IMG_0774[1] IMG_0776[1] IMG_0779[1]

We are so lucky that a Smiggle store has recently opened in our local town centre, Daisy and I will definitely be regular visitors.


If you are passing a store don’t forget to pop in and enter this competition.

Thanks Smiggle for inviting us to your wonderful Manchester Arndale store we had so much fun.

Have you been to a Smiggle store ? what did you think ? leave me a comment below I love to hear from you.

Angela xx


Word of the Week – Mischief

This weeks word of the week is mischief and it’s all about my youngest son Jake. Jake is a bundle of unstoppable energy, he drives us all bananas with his crazy and sometimes dangerous antics but he has these beautiful blue and eyes and wicked grin that weakens your resolve when you are trying to tell him off.

Word of the Week Mischief

This week has seen Jake ramp up his usual level of mischief which has been challenging and frustrating but also quite comical at times and I’ve found myself saying things that you never imagine having to say.

“Jake don’t put play-doh on your melon !”

“Jake don’t stick that knife up your nostril !”

“Jake don’t eat the cat’s biscuits !”


I think that’s the wonderful thing about parenting sometimes it can be so frustrating and you find yourself locked in the bathroom crying into your cold cup of coffee wondering why your fate seems to involve being tortured by a tiny terror and then other times your heart is so full of love and amazement that you created this funny little creature who wraps their arms around your neck and makes your world a better place.

What funny and ridiculous things have to had to say to your children ? leave me a comment I love hearing from you.

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Angela xx

Word of the Week – Play

This weeks word of the week is play, Daisy has two whole weeks off school for half term and I wanted to make the first week all about having fun and playing. I wanted to try and keep it simple by making use of the toys and activities we already have at home and as we have some days out planned for next week when Daddy is off work I also wanted to keep spending to a minimum.

in style

We’ve been so lucky that the weather has been beautiful all week, this has meant that we could spend lots of time playing in the garden. Daisy leant how to swing herself a little higher and Jake tried his best to learn how to hula hoop, the children also attempted to turn our garden into a beach by dumping the entire contents of the sand table all over the patio I don’t mind really as they had lots of fun in the process.

IMG_0442[1] IMG_0415[1]

As well as enjoying the garden every day we have baked cakes, played with play-doh, blown bubbles, played games, done some arts and crafts, read books and watched a million surprise egg videos on YouTube.

IMG_0436[1] IMG_0416[1] IMG_0447[1] IMG_0454[1]

It’s been an amazing week, we have all been happy and relaxed, of course Jakes had a few terrible two tantrums but on the whole it’s been fun.

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Angela xx

March At The Webster’s

I feel like I’ve already written so much about what we’ve got up to in March but I like to write these posts not only to share with our readers but also so that we can look back each month and see our achievements and memories.

It’s far too easy to forget how far we’ve come so these monthly posts really help me to get inspired and stay motivated.

Here’s a round up of March at the Webster’s

  • We’ve had lots of frugal fun day’s out.
  • We’ve saved on the electricity bill by line drying lots.
  • We fell off the frugal wagon but got straight back on it and turned the month around.
  • I wrote my first pen pal letter and joined a post circle #BringBackPaper.
  • I totally de-cluttered the house.
  • We went to Daisy’s parents evening, she got a glowing report.
  • We celebrated Easter on a budget.
  • Jake added a gazillion words to his vocabulary.
  • We spent lots of time in our garden.
  • We baked some cupcakes.
  • We did some Easter crafts.
  • We saved some money by cutting our entertainment packages.
  • Daisy visited Chester Zoo with nursery.
  • We had a jam packed, fun filled Easter weekend.

IMG_9274 IMG_9144 IMG_9057 IMG_9089 IMG_9302 IMG_9129 IMG_9186 IMG_9245 IMG_9334 IMG_9252 IMG_9081 IMG_9042


How has March been for you ? leave me a comment below I love hearing from you.

Angela xx