Living Arrows 21/52

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” Kahlil Gibran.

Every Monday for the rest of this year I will share with you two photo’s of my children that celebrate their childhood.

I’ve been a terrible blogger this week and barely taken any photo’s of the kids at all. I usually like to post separate photo’s of them but this week I only have one of them together.

Daisy & Jake

Drawing, writing and colouring are Daisy’s favourite activities and Jake seems to following suit. The weather has reverted back to being rainy so the kids have had to play indoors. Daisy almost always chooses to do something creative. While Jake prefers to build or play with playdough.

It was so nice to see them getting along, sitting peacefully beside one another. As siblings they do butt heads regularly. It can feel like I’ve spent my whole day refereeing squabbles sometimes.

On this particular day we had the soundtrack to Moana playing in the background. Daisy is singing along to ‘We know the way’. It’s simple little things like this that I want to remember.

It’s too easy to only take photo’s on a day out or at a special event. So I’m going to challenge myself to take at least one photo a day of the kids to capture the ordinary times as well.

Living Arrows


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4 thoughts on “Living Arrows 21/52

  1. Those everyday moments are definitely important to capture too. I find I have to keep my camera out next to me to make sure I take photos though #livingarrows

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