Money On The Side {28th August-3rd September 2017}

Welcome to the week 3 of my new series where I share with you all the ways I have made money on the side and brought in little treats for my family. It’s been a really good but very busy week. I’m trying to be super organised and have bought myself a new planner to keep track of everything. I do keep spreadsheets of all my earnings too which makes filling in my tax return a lot easier.

Some important things to note before I begin.

All earnings from income streams including blogging, surveys, focus groups etc must be declared for tax purposes. I recommend using a spreadsheet to keep track it makes completing your tax return a lot easier.

In the UK prizes are not taxable. 

For freebies I will try to include links where I can, lots are time sensitive offers so may have expired by the time I post. 


£50 blog income.

£5 Populus Live survey (£2 away from my cash out point).

£20 cashed out from Pinecone Reasearch.

£11.26 cashed out of Prolific Academic.


I’m hoping to have more time for survey sites next week, I’m so close to cashing out point on a few of them.


Just the one win this week, another Cheesestrings Emoji lunch bag from their daily competition. The competition is running until November if you want to have a go yourself.


A PR company sent me these huge Dairy Milk bars as a thank you for some work I did for them. I don’t think I’ve seen a bar of chocolate this big before in my life. It was definitely a very welcome surprise, the kids were excited as you can imagine.

Blog Reviews 

Daisy was excited when some Gel-a-Peel*arrived for her along with a notebook for her to decorate. She has wanted to try this for ages.

We are big fans of Kinetic Sand* so we can’t wait to try out this Kinetic Rock* it’s right up Jake’s street.

I was sent some products from the Zippo range, look out for a competition coming soon.

This Xtrava hair curler* looks brilliant, I’m going to test it out this week. There will also be a chance for my readers to win one too.

If you have enjoyed this weeks post then make sure you check out last weeks Money On The Side post too.

Disclosure: This posts contains affiliate and referral links*.

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