A Family Day Out At Worden Park

I’ve made it my mission to explore some of the beautiful places we have right on our doorstep this year. I asked some fellow North West bloggers for some suggestions of local places to visit. They gave me a ton of ideas and I now have a list bookmarked on my laptop. My stipulation is that has to be ideal for the whole family and budget-friendly too.

We got up on Saturday with no plan in particular for the day. I just knew I wanted to get out of the house and let the kids run off some energy.

A Family Day Out At Worden Park, Leyland

I chose Worden Park which is a hidden gem situated on the edge of Leyland, Lancashire. It features open meadows, woodlands and a great range of free visitor attractions. Parking on-site is free which is a huge bonus.

We arrived around 10 am and parked easily at the main entrance to the park. The kids were thrilled to see a big green open space for them to run around on. We decided to head towards the maze, there were plenty of direction signs for us to follow.

On the way to the maze, we came across the most beautiful formal gardens. We stopped and admired the many beautiful plant and flowers that were in bloom at Worden Park.

Our maze adventure got off to an interesting start when we found a false entrance it was all good fun though. Daisy and Jake were so excited to lead the way. The maze is made up of ancient hedging. After going down a few too many dead ends we cheated a little and used the gate to get to the middle.

Next, we found the Georgian walled garden which has been restored as a working garden. I loved that there were so many beautiful flowers, fruits, vegetables, and herbs growing. The walled garden smelled wonderful and the kids were excited to spot a scarecrow. We also found a little pets corner with chipmunks and rabbits.

Some of the produce and flowers are available to buy which I think is brilliant.

Lunchtime crept up on us quickly so we found a bench to eat our picnic on. We chose a beautiful spot underneath a tree which shaded us perfectly from the midday sun. There is a coffee shop on site but we didn’t visit this time, there is also lovely little arts and crafts centre too.

Once lunch was over it was time for the kids to indulge in an ice-cream. There is a kiosk on site selling ice-cream and other treats.

Now it was time to head over to the adventure playground. I was super impressed with the variety and amount of equipment that is available. There really is something for all ages. Daisy and Jake spent the majority of their time in one of the sanded play pits. There were lots of construction themed activities which they just love.

We left the park happy and exhausted. My auntie lives really close to the park so we were able to squeeze in a visit with her which was lovely.

I’m sure we only saw a fraction of what Worden Park had to offer. We spotted a miniature railway but it didn’t seem to be running. It offers free rides to the public around the park’s wildflower meadows which sounds amazing. We will definitely be back for lots more visits.

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