Daisy’s Fifth Birthday Celebrations

I’m so happy that Daisy’s birthday fell on a Saturday this year. It’s almost impossible for Chris to get time off work in December so we were really happy he could be home to celebrate. Daisy is at that wonderful age where she gets so excited by celebrations. I’m sure she didn’t go to sleep straight away the night before her fifth birthday.

She asked for her birthday presents to go under the tree so of course I obliged. There was much excitement when she opened the living room door to find presents, balloons and a giant unicorn waiting for her. Opening of presents commenced, and although Jake was rather put out when he realised they were not his he helped pass them to Daisy. I don’t think there’s anything better on earth than watching an excited happy child opening presents. 
Once everything was opened there was just enough time for a ride on the giant unicorn before breakfast. Later that morning we surprised Daisy with a trip to visit Santa. We booked tickets for a local garden centre that has a grotto and little train ride. Both Daisy and Jake loved the experience and spent ages talking to Santa and putting in their requests. Daisy had requested lunch at the pub as her birthday treat. We visited a newly refurbished pub and had the most delicious meal. The birthday girl was over the moon to be allowed a fizzy drink the same as Mummy. With full bellies we went home to await the arrival of the special people in our lives. It’s lovely that they wanted to come and celebrate along with us.

Daisy got some lovely gifts from everyone, there were lots of crafts and activities for her to get stuck in to.Birthday cake was distributed and once everyone went home operation tidy up commenced. Daisy had a lovely day and we all went to bed shattered, we even missed family film night.

Next year we have promised she can have a party although I think we will host that out of the house and let someone else tidy up.




Now You Are Five

Five years ago today you almost refused to come in to the world. You’re stubborn little hand was placed firmly on you head and no amount of contractions would convince you otherwise. A very unexpected c-section later and you were born weighing 6lb 15oz, a tiny pink bundle of warmth.I never thought I would have another baby, I had already watched your big sister and brother grow into teenagers. But I knew deep down in my heart that I wasn’t finished with the baby years and you came along and proved me right.

From the moment you were born Daddy and I fell in love with you. Watching your little personality grow is a pleasure. You cemented our little family and brought us joy and laughter every single day.

You have grown in to a very clever, kind, loving and confident little girl. I’m so excited to see what the next five years bring for you. Every day is an adventure to you.One of the things I love most about you is that you view everyone as a potential friend. You have such a warm and welcoming personality which is a rare and special thing.Enjoy your day my little lovely, we will celebrate your birthday with a surprise visit to Santa and a pub lunch (as requested by you).

Being your Mummy is an absolute pleasure, love you always, no matter what.



Word of the Week – Birthday

This weeks word is Birthday. My eldest daughter and I both celebrated our birthdays this week. She was born the day after my 20th birthday and I wrote a blog post called ‘Now you are Nineteen’ for her.

My husband being the lovely man he is booked a couple of days off work so I could indulge in a few treats. On the morning of my birthday I didn’t have to lift a finger. A bacon butty with brown sauce was made for me and I enjoyed a leisurely morning.

I got some lovely presents which included a Smiggle advent calendar from the children and two brilliant Pop Funko figures. I also received some money as I love choosing some things for myself.img_30241 img_30271 img_30331In the afternoon we finished the Christmas shopping. I spent some of my birthday money on some candles, a lovely soft blanket and a few other things.img_30291In the afternoon I climbed under the duvet where I binge watched ‘Gilmore Girls’ and entered some competitions. I had my traditional birthday tea, corned beef mash followed by a slice of black forest gateaux. A strange combination but my absolute favourite foods in the world.

Tomorrow my daughter and I are off to town to treat ourselves with lots of goodies. Primark, Paperchase and Lush are all on the agenda. We don’t get to spend a lot of time together so planning a trip to town for our birthdays is really special to us.

This year is the last in my thirties and I intend to make it a good one.celebrateWhat do you do to celebrate your birthday ? leave me a comment I love hearing from you. I might not always reply but I do read and appreciate every single comment.