20 Budget Friendly Autumn Activities For Families


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There’s absolutely no doubt that Autumn is a beautiful time of year but with the days growing shorter and the weather unpredictable it can be tricky to think of things do as a family. Of course, there are plenty of indoor attractions you could visit but that can soon become costly. I thought I would put together a list of 20 budget-friendly Autumn family activities to give you some ideas that won’t break the bank this season.

Budget-Friendly Autumn Family Activities 


Go On A Nature Walk 

This time of year there is so many interesting things to look for in nature. There are a multitude of different coloured and shaped leaves to find, fallen conkers, acorns and lots more. I love these Fun things to do on a walk with kids by The Ladybirds’ adventures.

Learn To Make Toffee Apples

Easy Homemade Candy Apples 

Homemade Toffee Apples 

Salted Caramel Popcorn Apples

Homemade Toffee Apples For Halloween

Autumn Arts & Crafts

You could have a few crafty afternoons making collages and prints from the Autumn leaves you collected on your nature walk. If you want some more ideas, this 40+ Easy and Fun Autumn Activities by Crafts On Sea should keep you busy for a while.

Fly A Kite

Take advantage of the windier days and clear skies to fly a kite. The whole family could have a competition to see whose kite can fly the highest.

A Homemade Kite

How To Make A Kite

Autumn Picnic

Wrap up warm and get outside to enjoy the crisp air and some tasty food. You could take some soup in a thermos flask and some delicious crusty bread to dunk in it. If it’s a chilly day you play a game of rounders to get the blood pumping and warm you all up.

Have A Family Games Night

We love playing board games as a family especially this time of year when the darker evenings roll in. I’ve included some of our favourites below.

Gassy The Cow Review.

Shark Bite Review.

Celebrate Halloween 

Celebrating Halloween doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, check out my ideas for celebrating Halloween on a budget.

Read More Books

I love the library all year round but we definitely tend to visit more this time of year. Libraries often host lots of fun activities over the October half-term so it’s worth checking what’s on at your local. We also love sharing seasonal books this time of year. There are so many beautiful books about Autumn, spooky books about Halloween and fireworks. I’ve included some ideas below for you.

15 Fantastic Nature Books For Kids.

Go To The Cinema

Lots of cinemas have special family screenings of movies on the weekend. The tickets are often heavily discounted making a trip to the cinema a lot more affordable. You could invest in a Kids Pass membership to save up to 40% off cinemas adult and child tickets.

Watch Fireworks 

The most budget-friendly way to enjoy fireworks is to watch them from home either through a window or in your garden. There are usually lots of local bonfire and firework events taking place, they are often free or charge a nominal fee for entry.

Toast Marshmallows

Toasted marshmallows taste so much better on crisp Autumn nights. You can toast them over a fire pit, an open fire or even a disposable barbecue. Team them with a mug of hot chocolate for the perfect seasonal treat.

Cook Lots Of Comfort Food

You could spend a day all together in the kitchen cooking up some delicious Autumn comfort food recipes.

Visit A Pumpkin Patch

Local Museums

Check your local museums and galleries for seasonal activities and displays. Many have events happening over the October half-term.

Get Out In The Garden

There are still plenty of things to do in the garden in Autumn. You could plant some bulbs ready for next Spring, make bird feeders out of pine cones or even make a safe home for any wildlife that visits over the colder months.

Homemade Pine Cone Bird Feeders

12 Homemade Bird Feeders

Homemade Fatcakes 

Build Your Own Hedgehog House 

Watch Some Autumn Movies

We love spending the weekend afternoons watching movies together. I’ve added some suggestions below of great films and shows to watch in the Autumn.

Make An Autumn Bucket List

Use all these ideas and add some of your own to create an Autumn bucket list for your family.

Build A Den

Take an Autumn stroll in a forest and build a den from all the fallen branches and leaves.

Make Autumn Scented Play Dough

Cinnamon Autumn Play Dough

Apple Pie Play Dough

5 Senses Fall Play Dough Ideas

Pumpkin Spice Play Dough

Fall Play Dough Kit

Give Something Back 

It’s always nice to do something for someone else, it sets a great example for your kids too. As a family you could donate some items to your local food bank, have a declutter and donate your unwanted clothes and toys or even rake up the leaves in your neighborhood. Another idea is to invite friends round and treat them to hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows.


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