Money Mondays – No Budget Low Budget February Half Term Fun

I thought I would write this weeks Money Monday post about fun things to do outside the home during half term when you’re budget is limited, you could also try some of these ideas on the weekend as well.

Shopping Centres

Lots of shopping centres offer free half term activities, of course the purpose is to lure you in to spend your money there but with a strong resolve it’s a great low budget idea, my local shopping centre offers a week of themed activities where children can do crafts, experiments, sports and they even have a colouring competition and treasure hunt.

The only cost involved may be the parking but a few quid for a couple of hours peace is well worth it,  you could walk or cycle if you live near by, take some drinks and a snack and it’s a no budget day.


The library is a great no budget idea for any time of the year but many offer activity days during school holidays, some offer reading schemes where children can collect stickers or book marks for each book they read, many also have child friendly tables and chairs with puzzles and games on.

The library we go to provide a free ‘Storytime’ session every week, the children can do crafts, play games and learn songs and of course listen to stories, you could give your library a call and see what they have to offer.


This is an obvious one really isn’t it, we are quite lucky and have several really good parks in walking distance, the council updated them all a few years ago and the equipment on them is fantastic, they all have safety gates to stop little ones escaping, nothing simpler or great for a low budget than letting kids run of steam at the park.

Garden Centres

If you live near a large garden centre it might be worth giving them a call or looking on their websites to see if they are running any activity days, the one we live close to has a free story time session each week and have a craft activity running for half term.

Children’s Centres

When my two eldest children were at primary school I would love searching out things for us to do in the half term, we went to a pretty good children’s centre who would put extra activities on during the school holidays and even organise low cost trips.

The children’s centre I sometimes take Daisy and Jake to is a Sure Start centre, all families are welcome with children up to the age of five, the centre’s stay open all year round and provide fun activities as well as a healthy snack and drink free of charge. Some of the centres also provide a sensory room and a book borrowing scheme.

It’s worth searching out similar places in your area, some cater for children up to the age of eight during the holidays too.


Museums are usually free to visit and on top of the fantastic array of wonderments to look at and learn about most offer half term activities, children can make a bottle rocket or create a flying saucer at our local museum this half term.

I also spotted this morning that Brewers Fayre are holding Beano themed activity mornings at some of their venues this half term, I’m not sure if you need to purchase a meal it’s not very clear but I thought I would mention it in case you have one nearby.

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for community notice boards or local council Facebook pages they often list events and activities, there is always something going on you just have to search it out, nothing worse than being cooped up with bored kids.

Angela x

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  1. February 16th 2015 / 8:49 PM

    Great ideas! I always spend so much during the school hols!

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